Yummy Chicken Enchiladas!!

These are quick to put together, and oh! So delicious! Here’s the link to my blog for the recipe: http://lifeandcookingwithlillian.weebly.com/main-dishes.html.
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  • At 2015.02.07 00:56, Andrea Chavez said:

    Look good. I usually put my corn tortilla in the microwave or fry them
    lightly in oil. This way, they are easier to fold and they won’t break when
    laying in pan.?

    • At 2015.02.07 01:43, Kayla Bond said:

      Going to try this. Thanks!?

      • At 2015.02.07 02:06, Bill Flaherty said:

        very nice, thanks?

        • At 2015.02.07 02:13, Deidra Victor said:

          Thank you for sharing:) I made it, and my family loved it. Thank you again
          from the bottom of my heart:)?

          • At 2015.02.07 03:08, ANGEL DAVIS said:

            I put the cheese on the first time it goes in the oven comes out the same?

            • At 2015.02.07 04:04, xtranc3x said:

              your recipe link doesnt work :/?

              • At 2015.02.07 05:03, Ada Polk said:

                mmmmmmmmm loved it!!!!!!!! :)?

                • At 2015.02.07 05:20, james blankenship said:

                  I gotta have me some of these!! I can smell them!…Mmmm…

                  • At 2015.02.07 05:57, 1tattooedindian said:

                    Looks delicious

                    • At 2015.02.07 06:04, margarita martinez said:

                      Have you tried, slightly frying the tortillas? So as to they won’t break
                      when your wrapping them. I usually make beef enchiladas, but I am going to
                      try your version of the chicken enchiladas. Your doing an awesome job
                      though, keep it up!!

                      • At 2015.02.07 06:57, Isabel Rguaz said:

                        Muy ricas amiga ya las prepare y kedaron esquisitas?

                        • At 2015.02.07 07:17, thebombon71 said:

                          me encantan las enchiladas y esta receta mmmmmmmm ya me desperto el
                          apetito!que ricas a mis hijos le encantan y esta reseta a tu estilo la voy
                          a hacer gracias amiga por compartir tu talento en la cocina con estas ricas

                          • At 2015.02.07 07:19, Lucero Masso said:

                            Hay mija con esta haber que tengo,,, eres cruel y se ven ricas mmmm !!!
                            Bueno me las debes okis beshitis y espero más!!!?

                            • At 2015.02.07 07:56, Curios72 said:

                              Que ricas se ven!!! Creo que mañana las hare!!! ?

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