Sopa de letras (Receta)

Para principiante en la cocina.
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Here is the video i promise a while ago, i hope you enjoy. Roasting the peppers Tomato Sauce Final pa…
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  • At 2014.12.13 12:53, Solcitomakeup said:

    Que rico que se ve!
    Me encanto la receta Gracias x compartir.
    Un besoote

    +Solcitomakeup ?

    • At 2014.12.13 13:39, Claudiaa ReYes said:

      Ponle cilantro y mmmmmm! Ricoooo?

      • At 2014.12.13 14:19, IDEASyMUCHOMAS said:
        • At 2014.12.13 14:48, pheadrasfall said:

          these had no cheese filling or stuffing? is there a recipe for sauce to put
          on top? looking for a good one not really happy with my sauce.. love your
          videos thanks?

          • At 2014.12.13 15:12, Cris Workizer said:

            once again AWESOME JOB !!!! Thank you for all, I Love mexican food.making
            your salsa with Avocado have an AWESOME channel we all thank

            • At 2014.12.13 15:26, Susan Martinez Hammond said:

              I love your videos! You are such a great teacher! I am so inspired, I want
              to make everything!!! Thank you so much!!

              • At 2014.12.13 16:05, R3bear said:

                Loving your videos, use to watch my mom cook everything, she’s passed and
                your recipes reminds me how too cook everything plus adding her secrets.

                • At 2014.12.13 16:43, starlite556 said:

                  Great video! I see tha you have a Kitchen Aid mixer that is a very good
                  mixer. I think that you would really like the K tec blender also.

                  • At 2014.12.13 17:15, oddkilla jenkins said:

                    I love chiles rellenos yuummmmmm

                    • At 2014.12.13 18:04, Roger Ramirez said:

                      Love it

                      • At 2014.12.13 18:04, Green Mama said:

                        Thank you so much. Can’t wait to continue on with your instructions. PS I
                        saw your video when you explained about your new channel. I want to let you
                        know for someone who is not English speaking to begin with you are doing a
                        wonderful job!!!!!

                        • At 2014.12.13 18:28, elrabbitsbbq said:


                          • At 2014.12.13 18:42, Tayde B said:

                            Thank you so much (:

                            • At 2014.12.13 19:14, ANGELICA FLORES said:

                              ……QUE EXIGENTE VERDAD???? FELICIDADES?

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