RECIPE: Creamy Chiken Enchilada Casserole

READ DOWN BELOW!!! SUBSCRIBE!!!!! This is a Yummy Creamy Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Casserole! I saw this recipe from another youtuber here and I wanted it to …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • At 2015.02.06 20:04, TheMissjujubee24 said:

    I would mix it in with green chili and top the enchiladas with sliced
    olives and green onions?

    • At 2015.02.06 20:57, higglytown50 said:


      • At 2015.02.06 21:01, sweetsusy6 said:

        @Lisa466v oh cool! im glad your family liked it….i thought it was going
        to be spicy too cuz of the salsa but it’s just perfect…. =)

        • At 2015.02.06 21:11, imillmacaroni said:

          i cant wait to try this! im moving out with my boyfriend so im gonna try a
          hand at this thing they call thanx for the vid

          • At 2015.02.06 21:19, m8keupluver said:

            omg girl ive been looking for a recipe on this and yay . i cant believe you
            are showing us how. i learn more by watching that reading . thx

            • At 2015.02.06 21:46, Cmommy E said:

              Not sure it looks good :-

              • At 2015.02.06 22:32, Mickie G said:

                A ++++++ looks great

                • At 2015.02.06 23:07, Julie Cisneros said:

                  ok susy im going to make this and let you know what the family thinks I
                  will send a message when we eat it lol but it sounds good everything
                  doesn’t have to look like a gourmet meal for it to be good some of the
                  ugliest looking stuff taste the best

                  • At 2015.02.06 23:30, MKpinkmom said:

                    Are you suppose to warm the tortillas before you place them on the glass

                    • At 2015.02.07 00:11, yadiaries79 said:

                      Yummy!!!! Cheese!!! I’m making this on the weekend 🙂

                      • At 2015.02.07 00:48, Frank Gonzalez said:

                        i think cooking the tortillas on the flame with give it a nice color as
                        well as a nice taste, i personally like the taste of cooking tortillas on
                        the flame. i like he lil burnt pieces.

                        • At 2015.02.07 00:57, iesha Renee' said:

                          im totally gonna try this yummy!

                          • At 2015.02.07 01:09, sweetsusy6 said:

                            @humormejulie18 yeah when your cooking it your like this does not look good
                            but it is…my whole family loves it!!!

                            • At 2015.02.07 01:41, sweetsusy6 said:

                              @MKpinkmom no…the tortillas will cook in the oven

                              • At 2015.02.07 02:02, sweetsusy6 said:

                                @imillmacaroni yeah try it…it’s sooo easy to do and tasty! Let me know
                                how it turned out =)

                                • At 2015.02.07 02:19, Isaid25 said:

                                  Yayyyyy thanks!!!!!!!

                                  • At 2015.02.07 02:54, Laura Martinez said:

                                    yummy!!!! 🙂 im going to try that recipe out!

                                    • At 2015.02.07 02:58, Lisa466v said:

                                      I just tried this and had my family try it too they all liked it including
                                      me! this taste so good very different from what we eat. When I told them to
                                      try the enchilada recipe I got of youtube they were worried it was going to
                                      be really spicy 🙂

                                      • At 2015.02.07 03:30, archie megel said:

                                        Lol amazing?

                                        • At 2015.02.07 03:59, RYRosario said:

                                          I miss ya videos boo. I enjoy ya shows and what you bring to the table
                                          always makin us laugh wit ya personality. And yo what better way to wait on
                                          ya food than to dance it out. Hope to see another video soon. Blessings?

                                          • At 2015.02.07 04:46, Gregory Martinez said:

                                            Coming from a mexican, this made me super hungry. My fiancé and I want
                                            enchiladas now. Good video man?

                                            • At 2015.02.07 05:43, Melissa Rajpaulsingh said:

                                              you are awesome, this is hilarious

                                              • At 2015.02.07 05:49, Cookingwith Sade said:

                                                J cole What’s up lol …Cool video

                                                • At 2015.02.07 06:18, Ms Kimlo said:


                                                  • At 2015.02.07 06:56, stephanie escamilla said:

                                                    Oh my God you made my mouth just water :

                                                    • At 2015.02.07 07:13, mirneezy said:

                                                      great recipe! i like how you sprinkled cilantro on top, I’m gonna try that
                                                      next time, I also like to sprinkle some corn on top too 🙂

                                                      • At 2015.02.07 07:29, Mz.MafiaLaiedy Falevai said:


                                                        • At 2015.02.07 07:48, mirneezy said:

                                                          you are hella fine, glad your making videos again <3

                                                          • At 2015.02.07 08:42, carla gallien said:

                                                            Handsome and i spoke to ya on twitter few times!

                                                            • At 2015.02.07 08:52, skylar blue said:

                                                              Sending Madd Love from Australia lovin your videos 😉

                                                              • At 2015.02.07 09:35, TheMmiguelito said:

                                                                like!: )

                                                                • At 2015.02.07 10:11, alldayrangerover said:

                                                                  Im goin to follow this video and make it one of these days. this the best
                                                                  video I found. everyone else looked a mess.

                                                                  • At 2015.02.07 10:52, BlackSkullz09 said:

                                                                    Yum, how do u not get fat when u cook all this good food ? 🙂 Also im not
                                                                    into yellowskin dudes but hun you good get it anytime, even on a sunday
                                                                    after hurch lol great reccipe

                                                                    • At 2015.02.07 10:56, damondadon said:

                                                                      Thanks, hope it turns out well

                                                                      • At 2015.02.07 11:47, kupcake247 said:

                                                                        I love a man that can cook especially when I’m burned out cooking! That’s
                                                                        real sexy & on top of that you sexy!!!

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