OAXACA, MEXICO – Indigenous women make black mole sauce with chiles and chocolate

Video from Oaxaca shows the traditional Zapotec method of making mole, the renowned Mexican chocolate and chile-based sauce that is so much a part of Souther…


  • At 2014.08.29 12:31, BroBro6000 said:

    Wow this is fucking awesome. I wish theres more?

    • At 2014.08.29 12:53, Mary Helen Vasquez Luna said:

      My grandparents were from Puebla Mexico. I remember seeing my grandmother
      preparing her mole sauce pretty much in the same manner. ?

      • At 2014.08.29 13:08, rey lo c said:

        es un orgullo pra mi la cultura de mi raza!!!

        • At 2014.08.29 13:08, Damián M Lagunas said:

          Mi abuela sale ahí es la señora del primer plano. :O

          • At 2014.08.29 13:46, Miri C said:

            Me recuerda a mi abuelita que en Paz descanse :,) que orgullo es ver a
            estas mujeres

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