Mole Sauce Recipe – How to Make Traditional Mole Sauce

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  • At 2014.10.18 12:37, Martha G. Brown said:

    The good news here! it is easy to eliminate your moles naturally in only 3
    days – without surgical treatment!?

    • At 2014.10.18 13:32, Steven R said:


      • At 2014.10.18 14:00, victoria delgado said:

        Is there anything else I can use besides lard??

        • At 2014.10.18 14:12, sconnietothesea said:

          Thank you so much for the post! The recipe looks incredible, and I will be
          using something akin to this when we take a crack at a Mexican Turkey this
          Thanksgiving. Game on. :)?

          • At 2014.10.18 14:56, shell crocker said:

            This is so helpful to me too. TY for sharing.My husband is Hispanic and I
            have been learning to cook Mexican food for the last 20 years! But,I never
            tried homemade mole. Going to try this today!

            • At 2014.10.18 15:55, UltraDeb said:

              Great presentation! I used to make chicken mole all the time in New York
              City, where it was easy to find all the ingredients, but I live in Germany
              now, and it’s virtually impossible to find Mexican chillies and tomatillos.
              Any suggestions for substitutes, especially for the peppers?

              • At 2014.10.18 16:09, Allrecipes said:

                Hi UltraDeb, thanks for your question. You could try ordering the Mexican
                chillies online 🙂

                • At 2014.10.18 16:34, Angelica Scott said:

                  When she was putting the ingredients in it said 2 cups chicken broth but in
                  the end it says 3 cups chicken broth. Which one is it?

                  • At 2014.10.18 17:30, Allrecipes said:

                    You are welcome! Hope you and your husband love the recipe – please let us
                    know how it comes out for you.

                    • At 2014.10.18 17:31, Alice Orozco said:

                      Very nice!!!!

                      • At 2014.10.18 17:36, Valerie Vang.Rivera said:

                        This is so helpful. My husband is Hispanic and I’m Asian. I’m gonna cook
                        that now. Look yummy.

                        • At 2014.10.18 18:10, Angelica Scott said:

                          I’m trying this tonight 🙂

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