Mole poblano the best!

Where Marisa talks about her favorite youtubers and favorite food.. mexican food!:D link to all caps video: link t…
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How to puree peppers for making mole poblano sauce; get expert tips and instruction on making traditional Mexican food recipes in this free cooking video. Ex…


  • At 2013.10.26 01:28, Racheltastik said:

    I’m in the? pink cowboy hat at 1:22 xD

    • At 2013.10.26 02:00, MixinCultures said:

      yeah, they are delicious! I actually ate like three when I stopped filming hehe.. and there are many different flavors! They can be sweet or sour, they can have meat or even chocolate like nutella! they are so great!:)? They’re called “empanadas” 🙂

      • At 2013.10.26 02:13, MixinCultures said:

        thank you! 😀 I already did one, but there’s two more to go!:)?

        • At 2013.10.26 02:27, MixinCultures said:

          woow really?!?! cool!:D I’ll watch it again!:D haha.. I haven’t seen you! o.o ..I’ll search for? you!:p

          • At 2013.10.26 02:49, MixinCultures said:

            yes I’m? in a bathroom :$ aaaaaand… I know, charlieissocoolike is awesome!:D I’m always waiting for his next video! hehe

            • At 2013.10.26 03:35, sharpclay said:

              Good luck with the exams? Marisa.

              • At 2013.10.26 03:56, braddahneil said:

                I wanna try the food at 5:20, it looks like something I could just keeping eating and eating? 😛

                • At 2013.10.26 04:46, Racheltastik said:

                  woot! i’m in that? ALL CAPS video too xD

                  • At 2013.10.26 05:29, Peteris Grebis said:

                    hehe u are in a bathroom? 😛 i like charlieissocoollike too!

                    • At 2013.10.26 05:44, Erick Montero said:

                      my mom makes? iht better!!

                      • At 2013.10.26 06:31, ridethespiral said:

                        tienes una receta? que puedes compartir?

                        • At 2013.10.26 06:40, JULESMA84 said:

                          ay dios mio eo es? mole????

                          • At 2013.10.26 07:30, bryanmej said:

                            ya me tienen hasta la madre estos pinches gringos mentirosos!!!!!! esto no es ni madres de cocina mexicana al chile q respeten por q lo unico q tienen ellos son las mugre hamburguesas y hotdogs vale? para pura v**ga

                            • At 2013.10.26 07:44, chakispm said:

                              hahaha que es esto mole ??????
                              nada que ver.
                              mejoren su receta por? favor, y recuerden que chula es Puebla…

                              • At 2013.10.26 08:37, MrDavy said:

                                lol que??

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