Mole Poblano – Culture in the Kitchen

Mole Poblano - Culture in the Kitchen

Creative project for HUMA 3300, Latin American Studies, UTD, Dr. Monica Rankin. This was my first attempt at mole and it turned out so incredibly delicious! …

Dave learns about mole poblano from Zarela Martinez. Eat your way through New York City with Famous Fat Dave. Book a tour at or …
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  • At 2013.11.13 02:48, rmisionero said:

    Mole Poblano is awesome. American shit they call food cannot compare to
    mexican food.

    • At 2013.11.13 03:33, mona hernandez said:

      @massplinter hahaha!! he wasted my time too..

      • At 2013.11.13 03:57, Delfino Espana said:

        mole pirata

        • At 2013.11.13 04:36, massplinter said:

          Waste of time

          • At 2013.11.13 04:40, massplinter said:

            What a waste of time…you explained nothing…You wasted my time fat Dave

            • At 2013.11.13 05:33, t000ber said:

              Hey, pincha splinterdick, open your cabeza and think. Maybe you could now
              look in a book (remember them) like a cookbook and investigate and maybe
              actually cook something besides ramen. Thanks Dave!

              • At 2013.11.13 06:16, Hector Gonzalez said:

                fuck you fat dave!!! share some!!!

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