Mole de olla recipe, perfect for this cold weather!!! Mexican food

Mole de olla recipe, perfect for this cold weather!!! Mexican food

Click here to subscribe Here it’s granadmas recipe for mole de olla, i hope you enjoy it!!! Ingredients: For 6 servings 4 pieces of sha…
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  • At 2013.11.06 10:43, Seeris Kobura said:

    Thank you SO much~! I will be sure to try this out? soon! <3

    • At 2013.11.06 11:29, johnalbert yamson said:

      Its called: bulalo in? the philippines

      • At 2013.11.06 11:31, Rosalidia Moran said:

        Its called : Epazote? or you can use cilantro!!!!

        • At 2013.11.06 11:51, sinverguenzaracing said:

          Is the chile sauce good to add flavor in albondigas??

          • At 2013.11.06 11:52, saddough said:

            You are amazing! Thank you for showing authentic? Mexican food! Its hard to find so many people think they know how to cook Mexican but its really just americanized

            • At 2013.11.06 12:10, JR Ramos said:

              Thank? you very much.

              • At 2013.11.06 12:12, Emma Vidal said:

                You have to cook? for 2 hours to get the meat tender, it’s beef shanks.

                • At 2013.11.06 12:35, jjppsanchez77 said:

                  Se ve delicioso, aki en Texas asemos algo paresido pero le llamamos? Caldo de Res. Pero voy a intentar esa reseta ya ke se ve mucho mas sencilla.

                  • At 2013.11.06 13:24, alief sattar said:

                    es delicioso? y saludable. nos encanta que, gracias a esta receta

                    • At 2013.11.06 13:44, alief sattar said:

                      it’s delicious and healthy. we love that, thanks for this recipe?

                      • At 2013.11.06 13:55, alief sattar said:

                        it s takes more time to? cook but its delicious and healthy, its really good for us

                        • At 2013.11.06 14:46, Rakhi Debbarma said:

                          why two? hours????

                          • At 2013.11.06 14:46, terrortown773 said:

                            este buen gusto?

                            • At 2013.11.06 15:08, Spanluver said:

                              Do you know how to get hoja santa to make mole verde y mole amarillo Oaxaceano? I dont think you.can import. Also i would? like Chile chilhuacle negro and rojo para hacer mole negro Oaxaceano.

                              • At 2013.11.06 15:43, renita ortega said:

                                I was so AMAZED? that everything fit in the pot! Thank you for sharing, new subscriber :)))

                                • At 2013.11.06 15:59, tina3038 said:

                                  Thank you chica for this recipe my abulita use to make this i love it and you are the best cook ever Besitos? ^_^

                                  • At 2013.11.06 16:46, genuie john said:

                                    that good when you boil that for meat that will releave flover from those? ingrent

                                    • At 2013.11.06 17:01, oglyjaam said:

                                      I x?

                                      • At 2013.11.06 17:23, edycalifornia559 said:

                                        My fave food !!!! I eat? it with fresh tortillas

                                        • At 2013.11.06 17:33, alannasmom86 said:

                                          I’m? sooo happy I found u!

                                          • At 2013.11.06 17:57, kokonutone said:

                                            going to try? this, but what is that green stuff again…not familiar with that down here.
                                            PS: Love your videos!

                                            • At 2013.11.06 18:41, Ivette Ramon said:

                                              I love it!!!!!? You make it look so easy and delicious!!!!;D

                                              • At 2013.11.06 19:22, jennet intoy said:

                                                mam the only seasoning you? put is salt?

                                                • At 2013.11.06 20:03, kuwaitysunni said:

                                                  I? make this recipe yesterday and it was the most delicious thing I cooked by far it was something different and less healthy I truly appreciate this I wish you would post more videos

                                                  • At 2013.11.06 20:16, Denise Mejia said:

                                                    Ah se me olvido decirle prepare esto ayer y estaba delicioso aunque aquí en Arizona, phoenix no hace mucho frío a mi? se me antojo. Mil gracias

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