Mole de olla de res

Mole de olla de res

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Back in 2003, I was a sophmore in high school and had to make a video in Spanish for my begining Spanish class about how to make a dish called Mole de Olla. …


  • At 2013.11.14 06:28, sorianita K said:

    Me gusta mucho fabi

    • At 2013.11.14 06:38, Doctorknow956 said:

      You know..You can just go buy the mole, already made from local Wal-Mart`s.
      It comes in a green tetra container. All you gotta do is boil the chicken
      with some onion and a couple of garlic cloves. Drain add the mole sauce and
      a couple of spoons of (peanut butter optional).Heat to a simmer and serve.
      Your spanish is better than a lot of Mexican-Americans that I know, that
      pretend to not know spanish. I respect(white) people that learn the spanish
      language. Hasta Luego Amigos.

      • At 2013.11.14 07:12, MimosaFun said:

        Good job with the Spanish & and the cooking guys ! : )

        • At 2013.11.14 07:58, meishadow said:

          hilarious xD!!

          • At 2013.11.14 08:01, Ben Herrera said:

            Hehehe I loved the video and the fact that you guys are trying. BTW Mole
            and Mole de olla are two different things (for those who said this wasn’t
            real mole) Keep the great job guys. You rock!

            • At 2013.11.14 08:37, joshwordly said:

              uhm please u tell me u got an F cause if u got anything higher than that
              …… ugh

              • At 2013.11.14 08:49, coolwey said:

                HAHAHAHA!!! they say cebol-la hahaha! What a funny accent! Di-enti di
                aho…hahahaha!!! Virde friholis, rotf! 5 mas miniutes hahahahah!!! So
                funny patatas tierno, sooooo funy!

                • At 2013.11.14 09:10, wwiek said:

                  God, what is this? Everytime i think i finally found a good Mole recepy it
                  turns out to be a US highschool kid trying to speak spanish…

                  • At 2013.11.14 09:37, VainMannequin said:

                    It was kinda cute, your accent. xD Um, you pronounce it ‘ceboya’ and
                    ‘ah-ceh-e-teh’, I mean, I guess that’s sorta how to actually pronounce it,
                    but… yeah, it was good, overall. Yes, I do speak Spanish. D:

                    • At 2013.11.14 10:28, egolayer13 said:

                      Dude, your spanish is TERRIBLE. I mean, terrible might even be too much of
                      an understatement. It’s horrid. It’s appalling (sp?). Rock on anyway,
                      though. Cooking is fun.

                      • At 2013.11.14 10:56, Paul Thomson said:

                        wow you really liked that stuff at 4:25

                        • At 2013.11.14 11:50, dieartes said:

                          good job with the spanish pronunciation. buen trabajo con la pronunciación
                          en ingles.

                          • At 2013.11.14 12:49, lilirodal81 said:

                            this is different kind of mole

                            • At 2013.11.14 13:16, VainMannequin said:

                              Also, it made me laugh the part in which your friend goes ‘ew’ while adding
                              the tomatoes. xD;

                              • At 2013.11.14 13:55, arsenicguzzler said:

                                I dont know how much you’d have to pay me to eat that stuff, but it
                                wouldn’t be cheap. Youre both adorable though.

                                • At 2013.11.14 14:35, crayonfou said:

                                  did not learn how to make mole but what the hell. it was sweeter than mole.

                                  • At 2013.11.14 14:55, muchoproblem said:

                                    good job guys, god bless you both.

                                    • At 2013.11.14 15:05, XXXOHBABYX3 said:

                                      i can’t believe i sat and watched that whole thing lol.. but it did. lol.

                                      • At 2013.11.14 15:09, SlaughterDog said:

                                        Think you could actually follow that and make it from the video?

                                        • At 2013.11.14 15:15, Ricky Rodriguez said:

                                          dudes dont let the haters keep u down… props on trying and opening
                                          yourselves to learning spanish dont give up and keep trying… BUENA SUERTE
                                          ! peace, Ricardo

                                          • At 2013.11.14 16:02, rrrrrandomman said:

                                            And its frijoles verdes. the adjective comes after the noun in spanish.

                                            • At 2013.11.14 16:36, rrrrrandomman said:


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