Mexican Mole

Mole is one of the national dishes in Mexico. Music by Ingredients: 6 dried chilies ancho 1/4 cup vegetable oil 1 small onion 5 …
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  • At 2014.12.07 08:50, Michael's Home Cooking said:

    @freedallasdelivery Excellent and thanks for writing back 🙂 Again, please
    let me know that you made the video because I am subscribed to many people
    and I really want to see it. If you do not make it this week … that is
    okay, just make it 🙂

    • At 2014.12.07 09:09, Michael's Home Cooking said:

      Thank you sir, I love fish n chips too.

      • At 2014.12.07 10:00, Prowlgrin said:

        lols either one as long as i gets teh fooooodddd 😀

        • At 2014.12.07 10:15, Michael's Home Cooking said:

          @freedallasdelivery That is ok, take your time, it is work to do a video!

          • At 2014.12.07 10:15, Michael's Home Cooking said:

            It is not as complicated as most of the mole’s. This is typically served in
            Mexico City, and is considered one of the 7 mole’s. I prefer it with all
            chicken or a combination of chicken and turkey….. no pork. Thanks

            • At 2014.12.07 10:20, Prowlgrin said:

              mm… yum, will you cook for me?

              • At 2014.12.07 11:05, phil56 said:

                When you blended the ancho chilies with water and bread, why didn’t you
                just use the hot water that the chilies were steeping in?

                • At 2014.12.07 11:11, aubrysmommy13 said:

                  it wouldent be an aquierd taest if u new how to cook it right

                  • At 2014.12.07 11:53, gemneye said:

                    Nice =)

                    • At 2014.12.07 12:16, sonialuz1975 said:

                      Awww…umm this looks good but this isnt the actual way to make mole, but
                      he tried.Im sure his version taste awsome as well. Nice job! I will be
                      trying his recipe soon…yummy.

                      • At 2014.12.07 13:05, anna sophia Espinoza said:

                        @fotozaachila no dice mole original. es su version. te apuesto que la
                        receta que hace mi mama no es como la tuya o la de tu mama, o whatever.
                        pero deja de ser troll. si no te gusta, pues ya, pero no seas mala onda.

                        • At 2014.12.07 13:12, kissofdeath0007 said:

                          pretty good

                          • At 2014.12.07 13:18, Theotis Thomas said:

                            Where the hell is the chocolate!!???

                            • At 2014.12.07 13:29, sharks151 said:

                              Nice video dude but take out the onion the bread and put in some hard
                              chocoate…. Thats how its made man.. But still good video.. Also the mole
                              itself(salsa like u call it) should b darker and the chicken is chicken
                              breast(i think that what u used) but other than that good job:D

                              • At 2014.12.07 13:46, Michael's Home Cooking said:

                                You are nicer!

                                • At 2014.12.07 14:42, Praxxus55712 said:

                                  I’ll definitely make my chicken mole for your sometime. It doesn’t use
                                  these ingredients though. My mexican grandmother taught me how to make it.
                                  It’s delicious! Thanks for the video. 🙂

                                  • At 2014.12.07 14:59, joshua12345676 said:

                                    very nice, i was skeptical at first till I seen the end result! cant his be
                                    made with beef, also?

                                    • At 2014.12.07 15:54, Michael's Home Cooking said:

                                      I have not tried that method; because I have never seen anybody do it that
                                      way. I do not know the reason!

                                      • At 2014.12.07 15:57, kapachangos said:

                                        not the classic red mole recipe… still pretty good and its similar to the
                                        recipe for amarillito mole..

                                        • At 2014.12.07 16:35, Michael's Home Cooking said:

                                          I have never tried beef, but chicken and turkey is really what the Mexicans

                                          • At 2014.12.07 16:59, Michael's Home Cooking said:

                                            There are 7 moles…. and this one… commonly served in Mexico City does
                                            NOT contain chocolate, the other 6 do have it. Thanks so much for watching
                                            and commenting!

                                            • At 2014.12.07 17:07, Starmoona1 said:

                                              @fotozaachila dejalo—esta haciendo un buen trabajo para alguien como
                                              el–por lo menos hace!

                                              • At 2014.12.07 17:36, ninjaman117 said:

                                                thats a nice recipe i still want to make some fish and chips though but i
                                                keep forgetting to get oil at the store =[

                                                • At 2014.12.07 17:59, ed van said:

                                                  lol looks like shit. is this a joke?

                                                  • At 2014.12.07 18:16, freedallasdelivery said:

                                                    @freitasex I have just added my “Papas Picosas” video. I have changed the
                                                    plan for my “Mole” video. Instead of having just the mole recipe, I am
                                                    going to make the complete meal. I will split the meal into sections, (One
                                                    video per item), I am going to try to keep it as simple & organized as
                                                    possible, so that you can cook with me. Let me know what you think of the
                                                    finished meal. Also I will be preparing for dinner for 8, so you may need
                                                    to invite, some dinner guest. Enjoy….

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