Mexican Food

Video sobre la extensa variedad, sabores y colores de la comida mexicana. Tacos, tamales, enchiladas, quesadillas, carnitas, chicharrón, barbacoa, pozole, mo…

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  • At 2014.06.24 16:36, chipochi said:


    • At 2014.06.24 17:32, GabilondoSoler said:

      “A perfect circle that can hold everything” it sounds just great!

      • At 2014.06.24 17:54, MrPogle said:

        WORLD Class and delicious. Ay que rico!

        • At 2014.06.24 18:29, gpmarvel said:

          very true.

          • At 2014.06.24 19:13, xhonasvky said:

            mmm..! se me abrió el apetito, no cabe duda que la comida mexicana es de la
            mas variada y la más sabrosa! que orgullo ser Mexicana Mexican food is the

            • At 2014.06.24 19:44, LeopardoSalvaje said:

              felicidadez por tu video,mi madre tambien prepara un mole mexicano rico.

              • At 2014.06.24 20:13, chelita41 said:

                I love this video. Makes me hungry. I invite you to watch my video in
                Spanish of how to make “entomatadas”. Similar to enchiladas but instead of
                red chile, we use tomato sauce and shredded chicken meat. My video is
                “Comiendo Con Dona Chelo”.

                • At 2014.06.24 21:09, Astrid Burkle said:

                  I don’t have enough words to thank you and tell you how nice and useful is
                  this video!! It really shows in a very nice way part of our food, and makes
                  us feel so proud of our heritage, please keep posting this kind of cultural
                  videos of our culture. Darkzeratulrocky , you haven’t tasted even a ten
                  percent of our food, you are the one who has only tasted the same dishes
                  all the time, read more and learn more, if you ever come to Mexico, try
                  typical dishes in all diffferent states you may visit

                  • At 2014.06.24 21:38, theKoreis said:

                    Ohhh Makes me SOOOOO hungry!.

                    • At 2014.06.24 22:07, freakynikki2 said:

                      I loved this video,and i also love mexican,living in england i dont get to
                      experience proper mexican food,but when i have any type i really enjoy
                      it,and he is so right about the lovely colours of their food! so vibrant
                      and full of life,just like the taste

                      • At 2014.06.24 23:01, deynus said:

                        im mexican and i feel very proud of my conutry and my traditions !!! VIVA
                        MEXICO CABRONES JAJAJAJAJA!!!

                        • At 2014.06.24 23:24, GabilondoSoler said:

                          Yo, No me gusta mucho el mole, pero con este video no puedo evitar que se
                          me haga agua la boca, y se me antoje un buen Mole Poblano!

                          • At 2014.06.24 23:44, mjbdes said:

                            Imontanez : Te quiero preguntar si conoces a Alejandro Santillan el vive en
                            la Rep. Checa tambien, el es un excelente cocinero. Yo estoy viviendo en
                            Polonia, soy tu paisana. Saludos

                            • At 2014.06.25 00:04, blackmetalwarrior said:

                              me duelen los ojos jajaja che hambre tengo

                              • At 2014.06.25 00:20, deathir123 said:

                                Nada como la carne asada Mexicana y las carnitas y el mole y las
                                quesadillas de comal o en aceite etc etc etc etc……………………

                                • At 2014.06.25 01:05, GabilondoSoler said:

                                  thanks, but a docen of tacos de tripa would be much better… 🙂 Con arta
                                  salsa even much much better! 😛

                                  • At 2014.06.25 01:43, anygbi;ugd0ugo said:

                                    fenomenal tengo hambre

                                    • At 2014.06.25 02:03, luis -Quijano said:

                                      Burritos are exactlythe kind of food wich is not real Mexican but texmex.

                                      • At 2014.06.25 02:03, Aracenn said:

                                        estas mal… la comida mexicana es de las más disversas del mundo…. si no
                                        sabes no opines, otra cosa es que no sean conocidas internaciolmante. más
                                        bien cada estado tiene su propia cocina que muchos países envidiarían, ahí
                                        tienes a yucatan, veracruz u oaxaca pendejo

                                        • At 2014.06.25 02:24, Gaby Sanchez said:

                                          VIVA MEXICO SEÑORES!!!

                                          • At 2014.06.25 03:17, zZzZz805 said:

                                            taco bell = tex mex food not real mexican food like this video!

                                            • At 2014.06.25 03:18, lfliera said:

                                              Those gringos had the nerve to open a TacoBell right in Monterrey Mexico…
                                              its like a slap in the face…

                                              • At 2014.06.25 04:05, azukita18 said:

                                                se me antojo el pan con chocolate.

                                                • At 2014.06.25 04:24, GabilondoSoler said:

                                                  Greetings From Mexico! Saludos desde Mexico!

                                                  • At 2014.06.25 05:04, fleiva30 said:

                                                    god what restaurant is this..”REAL FOOD WITH REAL FLAVOR”…I LOVE IT…im
                                                    heading to mexico on Dec for vacation..but dont know where????

                                                    • At 2014.06.25 05:51, Romerito romero romero said:

                                                      mua gue rico y lugo?

                                                      • At 2014.06.25 06:33, thunder1040 said:

                                                        buena pinta, si señora?

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