How to make Red Salsa (Chile De Arbol) and Green Salsa (Jalapeño)

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  • At 2014.12.13 20:40, Mr Frannk said:

    Thanks pisana! My mother makes salsa but never measures anything, the curse
    of the Mexican mother chiefs haha I also didn’t know that you were supposed
    to boil the salsa!?

    • At 2014.12.13 21:03, eduardo buendia said:

      Buen dia. En la preparacion de ls salsa verde,, vi que colocaste el aceite
      sin cocinar primero,, mi duda o comentario es que,,, le cambia el sabor con
      el aceite cocinado al sarten primero …???

      • At 2014.12.13 21:11, Nutwigg1 said:

        Sandy – I just made the green salsa and it is excellent. I will never buy
        salsa again – I will just make your recipe.

        By the way, I added about 2 TBS white distilled vinegar to the blender to
        give the salsa a little sour flavor and also about a 1/2 tsp ground cumin.?

        • At 2014.12.13 21:12, Indy Solo said:

          Your accent is sexy?

          • At 2014.12.13 21:56, Easy Cooking with Sandy said:

            New recipe is up! 2 easy and delicious Salsa recipes to spicy up your
            dinner or lunch! Yum yum! Hot hot!!!?

            • At 2014.12.13 22:49, Easy Cooking with Sandy said:

              Thank you Dan, they are really good, you should try them and you will never
              wan to buy store brands never again 😀 lol nothing better than homemade
              salsa!!! have a great weekend!

              • At 2014.12.13 23:35, James Gale said:

                Sandy, I was thinking of adding more garlic to both salsas. Would that be
                possible, or would the garlic overpower las salsas? Muchas gracias para tus

                • At 2014.12.14 00:13, Easy Cooking with Sandy said:

                  Hi David, thank you so much for watching, this are great, the red one is
                  really spicy so be careful with the peppers if you do try it!!! 😀 the
                  green is my husband’s favorite 😀 Thanks a lot for watching and for your
                  support always!!!

                  • At 2014.12.14 00:37, Easy Cooking with Sandy said:

                    I haven’t make one yet, but it is in my to do list.. I will be going to
                    Mexico soon and I want to film it there! I was planning to make one with
                    “cabeza” you know the more traditional way, and another one with just the
                    shoulder or butt for an easy faster way to make it!! but since my husband
                    doens’t eat that kind of meat I do have to wait until Im in Mexico to make
                    it!! otherwise I will have to eat it all myself!! but if you can’t wait, I
                    will glad to email you the recipe! 😀

                    • At 2014.12.14 00:45, SmokeyGoodness said:

                      As much salsa as I go through every night (a LOT), I’d love to try this as
                      soon as possible… Both salsa’s look great, Sandy! There’s nothing like
                      watching videos all night with good salsa and Calidad tortilla chips!

                      • At 2014.12.14 00:57, Easy Cooking with Sandy said:

                        Thank you Angie! they really are so full of flavor and the best thing, you
                        can control the spiciness 😀 yum yum 😀 have a great weekend my friend!

                        • At 2014.12.14 01:21, ZombiedustXXX said:

                          These salsas look tasty! I like the processes you use to make them. I could
                          never have figured these salsas out in 100 years! Plus, I like the way you
                          say lime juice…lime yoose! : )

                          • At 2014.12.14 02:10, Easy Cooking with Sandy said:

                            don’t worry about overpowering the flavor, both peppers work great with
                            garlic and they do complement each other!

                            • At 2014.12.14 02:51, EZGlutenFree said:

                              Oh Sandy they both look fantastic. Each one looks like it’s just packed
                              with flavor. I love your recipes. Homemade always beats anything you’ll
                              find in a jar.

                              • At 2014.12.14 03:34, Jocelyn Woo said:

                                Can u make frijoles recipe, with jalapeno and top with queso fresco! Pls

                                • At 2014.12.14 04:29, Easy Cooking with Sandy said:

                                  LOL i have a horrible time pronunciation anythign with a “J” lol 😀
                                  sometimes I say it right, sometimes it just comes anyway it feels like it,
                                  lol Thanks for watching!!! I really appreciate your support, have a lovely
                                  night, there will be another video tomorrow 😀 We are celebrating Mexican
                                  Independence in a week, so it’s all about Mexican cooking this month 😀
                                  thanks again for watching and for your support!!

                                  • At 2014.12.14 05:26, Food Porn Network said:

                                    They both look delicious!! Nice Sandy!

                                    • At 2014.12.14 05:50, KasCooks said:

                                      Heck yeah these looks good!

                                      • At 2014.12.14 06:14, Easy Cooking with Sandy said:

                                        Thank you Ken!! they are really good!! 🙁

                                        • At 2014.12.14 06:27, ecamacho512 said:

                                          I’d like to make my own salsa with you…

                                          • At 2014.12.14 06:34, Easy Cooking with Sandy said:

                                            thank you so much for watching!!! 😀

                                            • At 2014.12.14 06:39, Easy Cooking with Sandy said:

                                              Thank you Gary, I need to head over you channel and checkout what you’ve
                                              been cooking!

                                              • At 2014.12.14 06:49, FitAnge S said:

                                                Yum that looks incredible sandy! Love it.

                                                • At 2014.12.14 06:51, Easy Cooking with Sandy said:

                                                  That sounds so good, I do have all the ingredients, I will try to make
                                                  ASAP!! Thanks for watching!

                                                  • At 2014.12.14 06:52, Easy Cooking with Sandy said:

                                                    You can definitely add as much garlic as you like! 😀

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