How to make New Mexico Red Chile Enchiladas

My version of Red Chile Enchiladas from New Mexico chile powder. This is “my version” as there is no one, correct or authentic way to make them. I am from Ne…
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  • At 2014.12.10 00:07, Yvo May said:

    They look delicious. I was born and raised in El Paso and I’ve never seen
    enchiladas made with chile powder..interesting technique. I’m sort of an
    old school cook. I soak my chile pods over night in cold
    water…blend..strain..make a roux and cook my sauce with salt and garlic
    (fresh or powder. Never had any issues with bitter sauce). Definitely like
    them stacked with cheese and onion y un huevo. I think my gringo friends
    would like this recipe since it’s somewhat easier for them. I like your
    music! :)?

    • At 2014.12.10 00:57, Thomas G. said:

      In Germany Enchiladas are not common. But your great video makes me curious
      to try this recipe! Thank you.?

      • At 2014.12.10 01:54, miguel trejo said:

        omg this is EXACTLY how we make ours!!!! we r from arizona and my
        grandparents were from texas

        • At 2014.12.10 01:56, Jonathan's River Rat Cooking said:

          wow that looks good ima give it a try!

          • At 2014.12.10 02:47, NetherMind V said:

            Our chilli is to fresh and local to be using powder. I hope you’re trying
            to give a recipe to others that don’t have resources.

            • At 2014.12.10 02:57, monica gonzalez said:

              Haha used your own music cuz you couldn’t afford anybody elses. That’s
              crackin me up! Your enchiladas have my mouth watering. I think I should
              make this for dinner. I’m in Abq, from el paso so I know good food and THAT
              looks good! 🙂

              • At 2014.12.10 03:02, Aaron Salazar said:

                The BEST Red Chili Enchiladas I ever had(plus tons of other native new
                mexican’ts) was from a 74 year old woman born in Mexico, but resided in New
                Mexico for the past 30 years. OMG, she would NEVER use dehydrated / dried
                junk plastic dispenser. She ALWAYS told me: “REAL COOKS COOK WITH REAL
                see true Italians, Spaniards or Mexicans cooking with processed junk, but
                here in New Mexico it is COMMON place little man.

                • At 2014.12.10 03:27, crossblood89 said:

                  @amcs101101 … Cool Story Bro … Go back you Troll lolol

                  • At 2014.12.10 04:10, yahya abdullah said:

                    IS IT THE SAME IF I ISE GREEN CHILE POWDER…????

                    • At 2014.12.10 04:24, Tony Ruiz said:

                      Hey, you forgot the eggs on top!

                      • At 2014.12.10 05:24, Rachel Duggins said:

                        @amcs101101 What a sad, sad little person you are.

                        • At 2014.12.10 05:59, Keesolan said:

                          dang that looks good!, gonna have to try it!

                          • At 2014.12.10 06:32, NaturesFairy said:

                            MMMMMMMMMM they look sooooooooo good!! YUM!!

                            • At 2014.12.10 07:24, Rhonda Martinez said:

                              im here in houston and my mom and grandmas are awesome but i never seemed
                              to get it right. but these are awesome and simple.. thank you!

                              • At 2014.12.10 07:50, 123Shel12 said:

                                1: I use disp. alum foil pie pans. 2: I don’t put the tortilla in the
                                sauce. I ladle the sauce over it when it’s in the pan. 3: I put chopped
                                onion, finely shredded lettuce, & diced tomatoes between the layers. I use
                                the same cheese as you. Add another ladle of sauce & another tortilla 4:
                                Make stack three layers high. Top layer is chile, chopped onion & cheese.
                                Put the pan in 350 degree oven for 15-20 min. The flavors come together in
                                the oven! Each person gets a pie pan/enchilada. Enjoy!

                                • At 2014.12.10 08:14, Rachel Duggins said:

                                  Green next, please!!!

                                  • At 2014.12.10 09:07, Tony Ruiz said:

                                    Yay ‘Cruces! The only legitimate part of New Mexico food!

                                    • At 2014.12.10 10:03, miguel trejo said:

                                      lol ur funny about the music thng hahah

                                      • At 2014.12.10 10:06, fiddledeedee10001 said:

                                        What a cutie..and the enchilada method on the stove was so easy, I’ll do
                                        this for sure. I like how you don’t use flour. exellent!

                                        • At 2014.12.10 10:37, Johnny Martinez said:

                                          Great video. I like your presentation!

                                          • At 2014.12.10 11:30, culture04dc said:

                                            @amcs101101 stfu hater your life sucks

                                            • At 2014.12.10 12:10, makeupchica79 said:

                                              That is exactly how my Grandma & Mom made enchiladas when I was growing up.
                                              I never knew any other way. So when I first made them for my fiance many,
                                              many years ago… he was like “um, I’ve never had flat enchiladas” LOL! His
                                              Nana would roll them when she made them. Forward to today & he loves them
                                              but it was funny to find out not everyone prepares them like this. Also,
                                              you make your enchilada sauce different than I do… I like your Mom’s
                                              recipe I’m definitely going to try it! : ))

                                              • At 2014.12.10 12:15, Randy Granger said:

                                                @skribblets Thanks. I understand missing enchiladas and New Mexico Chile.
                                                Good luck. Hope they turn out great.

                                                • At 2014.12.10 12:34, kenny maese said:

                                                  Mmmmmm just a couple of comments: 1. try not to over talk 2. don’t double
                                                  dip lol

                                                  • At 2014.12.10 13:07, Barbra Szabrowicz said:

                                                    Thank you 😀

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