How to Make Mole Sauce – SUB HERE! This sauce is complex and bold. It takes lots of steps but is really worth it. If you have the time, I recommend this highl…
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The recipe for our Mole Poblano has been in our family for generations. Now we are giving everyone the opportunity to try a rare Mexican dish. Our recipe con…
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  • At 2014.04.14 08:08, kapachangos said:

    shortening for mole? what happened to the corn oil??

    • At 2014.04.14 08:43, Dianne Fitzsimmons said:

      Thank you !?

      • At 2014.04.14 09:29, jocelyn much said:

        You are an awesome lady. Looks awesome! Will try to make it one day:)))?

        • At 2014.04.14 10:27, CT Perez said:

          Easily the most delicious and laborious Mexican recipe – took me most of
          Sunday to cook – wroth every minute. ?

          • At 2014.04.14 10:45, Andrew Sturgess said:

            Raisins, almonds, walnuts, aha! that explains a lot about the flavor. Looks
            excellent, thanks for the video!?

            • At 2014.04.14 10:48, meb said:

              unsweetened chocolate and no walnuts is best.?

              • At 2014.04.14 11:41, viviana cardenas said:

                Do you know how to make pipian sauce ? Great videos by the way ?

                • At 2014.04.14 12:28, Marian Aledo said:

                  Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! I made this yesterday, a labor of
                  love! and it was so worth it! So delicious!?

                  • At 2014.04.14 13:02, viviana cardenas said:

                    Obviously white people don’t like the taste because they are used to cans.
                    THIS is authentic and delicious . This is the proper way to do it. ?

                    • At 2014.04.14 13:53, ClaymoreTb9 said:

                      Just made this, and I have to say, it was not my favorite. I think maybe
                      using unsweetened chocolate would have been better for me, and I could have
                      sweetened it afterward. I am not sure the chocolate was the problem for me,
                      but it is all I can think of. I love that you broke everything down so
                      well, and I had a good time making it, but it was just not quite the mole
                      flavor I have come to love. thank you for taking the time to make the
                      video. It is a labor of love, that is for sure, so I know how much work you
                      put into the video.?

                      • At 2014.04.14 14:09, funnylikeaclown said:

                        I like your voice. sounds sexy?

                        • At 2014.04.14 14:10, DLSea Studios said:

                          Wow… I never knew!?

                          • At 2014.04.14 14:53, homeopt said:

                            wow, looks quite complicated, but in the end looks fantastic. awesome

                            • At 2014.04.14 15:14, MiTú Network said:

                              Do you know how to make mole??

                              • At 2014.04.14 15:44, MsObamagirl said:

                                This is a must do. Thank you for the recipe.

                                • At 2014.04.14 16:39, ShaunieceCooks said:

                                  OMG I love this sauce so very much . I must try to make it myself.

                                  • At 2014.04.14 16:58, sbusumacinta said:

                                    Buena receta y claro que también se puede añadir plátano frito y otros

                                    • At 2014.04.14 17:34, The Frugal Chef said:

                                      @ixkey Thanks!

                                      • At 2014.04.14 18:27, ivelosthewilltolive said:

                                        This sure looks like the real deal. Can’t wait to try it. Hope I can get
                                        the right chilis.

                                        • At 2014.04.14 19:08, amanda esquivel said:

                                          My grandmother is from Zacatecas too and she uses Banana and Bread instead
                                          of tortilla but is bomb dot com either way one of my favorite dishes

                                          • At 2014.04.14 19:49, The Frugal Chef said:

                                            @caa1000 I am sorry for taking so long! I hope you had a wonderful
                                            Christmas and that 2012 is fabulous for you! Thank you so much!

                                            • At 2014.04.14 19:57, TheGlamoresque said:

                                              the sauce sounds delicious but there are so many ingredients!

                                              • At 2014.04.14 20:32, The Frugal Chef said:

                                                @magirecords2004 There you go! Hope you are well Keith!

                                                • At 2014.04.14 20:44, Missyplaymate3 said:

                                                  I cant wait to try it :-).

                                                  • At 2014.04.14 21:20, Don Pipa said:

                                                    You know how many times I made this in December? Unas 4-5 veces! So
                                                    yummyyy, le pongo otro chilito en vez de chile arbol, porque not spicy
                                                    enough for me. Ha ha

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