How to Make Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno Poppers have to be one of my favorite snacks. I certainly don’t care how these lovely nuggets of heat come, I think they are fantastic. You can stuf…


  • At 2014.06.13 20:58, wiibaron said:

    If you ever get ‘the burn’ that won’t wash off just spread some ketchup on
    the area for a minute. This is the solution I got from poison control when
    I called once and it worked like a charm. Tomato acid is the key thing…?

    • At 2014.06.13 21:38, ChikoWhat said:

      This looks great, I’m drooling. I have a question though:
      Can you leave the pods whole and just cut a hole on the side to fill?
      I’m asking because I’m not sure about the ratio of the cheese filling to
      the rest.?

      • At 2014.06.13 22:11, Sup Gurrl said:

        Merry Christmas?

        • At 2014.06.13 23:07, ilparola said:

          it’s crazy what americans thinks “all natural good ingredients” are. ?

          • At 2014.06.13 23:51, zachary audet said:

            Who here was expecting a hpw to basic style video ??

            • At 2014.06.13 23:51, Aaron Aageson said:

              Have you ever as a guy, handled hot peppers of any kind and taken a piss?
              That shit burns and instant shower to get that off you?

              • At 2014.06.14 00:47, Stephanie Manley said:
                • At 2014.06.14 01:08, Colby Fruge said:

                  This was very enjoyable to watch. You are a pleasure to listen to and very
                  informative, now to start on my poppers!?

                  • At 2014.06.14 01:20, gloria ramirez said:

                    Yummy! ?

                    • At 2014.06.14 01:21, Alana Laverty said:

                      I think if I were to make this, I wouldn’t cut them in half, but instead I
                      would cut the tops off, remove the pith and seeds then stuff them whole. I
                      would use egg wash instead of milk too.?

                      • At 2014.06.14 01:23, dion staples said:

                        i love poppers! i have found my perfect woman will you marry me?? lol jk?

                        • At 2014.06.14 01:45, mpdalry1 said:

                          That’s ok…but in Mexico they do it the right way.

                          And it’s not pronounced “Hollow Pino” …lol. ?

                          • At 2014.06.14 02:17, David Sundberg said:

                            Big up from Sweden! Cooking an american buffé with these alongside with
                            some buffalo wings and pulled pork on friday. Thank’s for a great tutorial!?

                            • At 2014.06.14 02:25, Riki Toso said:

                              This is great thank you btw that looks great I can’t wait to make some of
                              my own ?

                              • At 2014.06.14 02:41, Man Land said:

                                Life is delicious at times…great video.?

                                • At 2014.06.14 02:49, Jaime O said:

                                  I’m so high. Too high to make these which really sucks.?

                                  • At 2014.06.14 03:15, SDS Swiss said:

                                    Hi Stephanie.. Thank you for this recipe. It looks great. I love these
                                    jalapenos poppers. There is one request. I want to make chocolate eclairs
                                    but I want the Choux Pastry egg less.. Could you help me in that. Could you
                                    tell me any substitute for eggs because I am a lacto vegetarian… I don’t
                                    eat eggs .Thank you once again.. :)?

                                    • At 2014.06.14 03:45, SuperHugobox said:

                                      Thank, pretty simple instructions to follow, they came out great.?

                                      • At 2014.06.14 04:38, Anon said:


                                        • At 2014.06.14 04:47, MsHappyShine said:

                                          Hi Stephanie, a definite thumbs up on this recipe… tried it and it was
                                          delish! These poppers are sooo expensive when bought at an eatery or even
                                          fast food placed for that matter. Had never tried making them myself but
                                          you can bet I’ll never order another popper again! LoL Sooo much better

                                          Thanks Stephanie, really awesome tutorial/recipe. 🙂

                                          ~Shine~ WA, State?

                                          • At 2014.06.14 05:10, Alain Bradette said:

                                            you leave some of the seeds for spaghetti sause?

                                            • At 2014.06.14 06:01, Carl Rudd said:

                                              It is a myth that the hotness in Jalapeno’s is in the seeds. No..the
                                              hotness comes from the capsicum oil which is found throughout the chile.?

                                              • At 2014.06.14 06:36, blkchinacs said:

                                                I have watched this video maybe 3 times until I just went for it. I must
                                                say good things came from my waiting lol! I have made them 2x now and the
                                                last time I added crumbled crispy bacon to the cream cheese and WOW! Thank
                                                you so much for such great ideas and recipes!?

                                                • At 2014.06.14 06:57, Armida Lopez said:

                                                  thank you very much for teaching me how to make then . wonderful you didnt
                                                  go to fast or to slow and it was amazing thank you ?

                                                  • At 2014.06.14 07:13, boogie guajardo said:

                                                    great recipe do you have a video for fried pickles??

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