How to Make Chile Rellenos

How to Make Chile Rellenos

Gloria Vargas demonstrates how to make chile rellenos using Anaheim peppers, which often have a nice ‘kick’ of heat. Visit Cooking Up a Story, and get the 2 …
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  • At 2014.11.26 08:03, Elyse Joseph said:

    This looks absolutely delicious :-)?

    • At 2014.11.26 08:41, Ichigosistershadow1 said:

      The Mexican restaurant my family goes to puts egg on them so that they’re
      almost like an omelette,but you didn’t use egg is there two types or is the
      Restaurant making it a different way? ?

      • At 2014.11.26 09:37, Ronnette Mckinnis said:

        Tasty looking and thanks for sharing. My fam and I love your channel. ?

        • At 2014.11.26 10:21, Lynzie S. said:

          Oh man those look so good!?

          • At 2014.11.26 11:12, Robin C said:

            Oh how I miss eating spicy hot foods : (?

            • At 2014.11.26 11:42, barstoolguru said:

              wow that looked good, I love Mexican food. thanks for sharing?

              • At 2014.11.26 12:38, Tiffany Recio said:

                You didn’t roast the chilie long enough ?

                • At 2014.11.26 13:11, Farrukh Hassan said:

                  try with pickle… ;)?

                  • At 2014.11.26 13:29, waco99 said:

                    Usually for the chile relleno is the bell pepper or the poblano chile a
                    little bit more spicy?

                    • At 2014.11.26 13:38, junior gonzalez said:

                      todo estaba bien rico ybien echo pero la estufa la parte de las hornillas
                      muy manchadas dale prestijio a tu cocina con un poco mas de higiene y te
                      felicito tomalo como un consejo de un amigo espero no te enojes .?

                      • At 2014.11.26 14:06, Raquel Garcia said:

                        THAT’S MY AUNT! she is the best cook in the world! I love it when she
                        come’s over because she cooks the most amazing things. I have personally
                        tasted these chile rellenos and it is like heaven in your mouth. I would
                        definitely recomend making these! They are soooooo easy fun to do.?

                        • At 2014.11.26 15:04, MissTori2010 said:

                          Thanks for the tip of adding cornstarch to the batter. I usually dip my
                          chiles in flour then in the egg mixture. I’ll try your method the next
                          time I make rellanos.?

                          • At 2014.11.26 15:39, masterplomo1 said:

                            En México existen diversas clases de chiles rellenos, el mas común es el
                            poblano, pero también se usa el cuaresmeño, el guerito, el Anaheim, y
                            algunos chile secos reconstituidos y los rellenos van desde picadillo,
                            queso, pescado y mariscos capeados o sin el capeado, calientes o fríos son
                            una delicia ?

                            • At 2014.11.26 15:49, Awntie P said:

                              Gloria’s rellenos are the best on the planet.?

                              • At 2014.11.26 16:30, LuisitoMusic said:

                                I understand that this is very rustic, farm lifestyle and what not… but
                                this lady has no technique or hygiene. From separating the egg yolk from
                                the whites to grabbing the entire pepper coated in the batter and placing
                                it hand first on the pan…. I’m sure its the culture and upbringing that
                                differentiates her style of cooking from the one I learned. But come on, at
                                least clean the kitchen before showing it to the world. Thanks for the

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