How to Make Chile Rellenos : Removing Seeds from Chiles For Chile Rellenos

Learn how to remove seeds from chiles for authentic chile rellenos and more about making traditional Mexican food in this free cooking video. Expert: sidewal…

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  • At 2014.10.09 08:10, viphawan ubonwan said:


    • At 2014.10.09 08:28, yupiyupi yap said:

      those are “Chilacas”, not “chiles”. Real chiles rellenos must be “Chile

      • At 2014.10.09 08:32, PHANTASTIK MUSIK said:

        She is using Anaheim chiles, but yes Poblanos are ideal.

        • At 2014.10.09 08:33, med said:

          “Must be pablanos” what are you the “Chile Nazi”??? I personally love the
          taste of roasted Anaheim chiles for rellenos. Do you also think enchiladas
          are all rolled?

          • At 2014.10.09 08:49, alwaysright09 said:

            she is using fresh California peppers, you can use any kind of peppers you
            want, including the large jalapenos ones.

            • At 2014.10.09 09:48, Rhode Moraila said:

              Im sorry,alwaysright 09 friend,but you not always right! you can not use
              any kind of chile,you can do it if you want to,but is not the way,the
              chiles rellenos must to be maked with poblano chiles.

              • At 2014.10.09 10:10, viphawan ubonwan said:

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                • At 2014.10.09 10:31, Rhode Moraila said:

                  i use the word “must to” because the original recipe is like that,but I
                  also said,you can do it if you want to! and Im not tha nazi chile,jaja.but
                  if your going to put a recipe so people can learn about mexican food,well!
                  do it right.

                  • At 2014.10.09 11:00, danbowski40 said:

                    Those are not even plabano peppers!

                    • At 2014.10.09 11:24, Hector Flores said:

                      que rico peluchin felicidades

                      • At 2014.10.09 11:29, kiki1388 said:

                        Peluchivasss me encantan tus recetas yo no se cocinar mucho , mi esposo es
                        de guadalajara yo soy de argentina y bueno las comidas son muy diferentes
                        me puedes dar ideas de que hacerle de comidas para lunch de su trabajo asi
                        como faciles!!!!!haha gracias espero que sigas poniendo mas recetas asi
                        aprendo mas graciasss

                        • At 2014.10.09 11:57, Alicia A said:

                          Muyyy rico se ven!!!! Pero una preguntita, no quedan muy picosos???

                          • At 2014.10.09 12:54, orquidia2014 said:

                            que rico , yo los he provado pero diferentes , la manera q tu los haces se
                            ve muy facil ,me podrias decir que queso usastes porfa . me encanta como
                            cosinas, que verguenza yo siendo mujer no se cosinar. dios te bendiga

                            • At 2014.10.09 12:58, doreyda ortega said:

                              se ven muy benos me gusta…

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