How to Green Enchiladas Mexican Recipe, Easy!

How to Green Enchiladas Mexican Recipe, Easy!

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  • At 2014.05.17 12:57, Lo nunya said:

    Wow! Looks easy! I’ll have to try it. I buy the canned salsa… Thanks for
    sharing :)?

    • At 2014.05.17 13:49, KID LIGHTING said:

      Looks good?

      • At 2014.05.17 14:38, zuli Cardenas said:

        About to make these right now for me and hubby Yummmy :)?

        • At 2014.05.17 15:35, TheKingtut777 said:

          Charming lady and a great chef. Really enjoyed it!!?

          • At 2014.05.17 16:25, Jabeth Rivera said:

            Im going to try doing them tonite !!?

            • At 2014.05.17 16:53, Easy Cooking with Sandy said:

              New Recipe is up! Mexican food “Green Enchildas” Enjoy!!?

              • At 2014.05.17 17:44, Erika Sanchez said:

                “Roll the Tortilla Like a Taquito” Love it hahaha =) <3?

                • At 2014.05.17 18:33, MiTú Network said:

                  How to Green Enchiladas Mexican Recipe, Easy!:
                  #foodie #mexico #latism?

                  • At 2014.05.17 19:00, kztar621 said:

                    Good recipe, a little mexican cream is always nice on top.
                    Also, I recommend you guys to add 1 chile to the salsa at a time when
                    blending, then taste it, sometimes chiles are too spicy and just 2 or 3
                    will suffice.?

                    • At 2014.05.17 19:23, Antonio Albarran said:

                      Just like my mom used to make them. I can’t wait make them. Thanks for

                      • At 2014.05.17 20:12, Arysallie Gutierrez said:

                        Finally! Someone who actually KNOWS how to cook like my grandma! 🙂 ?

                        • At 2014.05.17 20:24, Joann Smith said:

                          Thanks!!! I shall be making these soon!?

                          • At 2014.05.17 20:31, Eat East Indian said:

                            Looks yum. I want to eat it!

                            • At 2014.05.17 20:53, Easy Cooking with Sandy said:

                              Thanks for watching my friend, I have to stop by your channel and check out
                              your awesome recipes!

                              • At 2014.05.17 20:54, Easy Cooking with Sandy said:

                                Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it! 😀 have a lovely weekend!

                                • At 2014.05.17 21:51, 101CookingEasy . said:

                                  LOL…I Just Love Your Spanglish as Well Sandy…lol

                                  • At 2014.05.17 22:24, Easy Cooking with Sandy said:

                                    Thank you for watching!

                                    • At 2014.05.17 22:44, Easy Cooking with Sandy said:

                                      Thank you! I’m glad you liked the vegetarina quesadillas! 😀

                                      • At 2014.05.17 23:11, Easy Cooking with Sandy said:

                                        Thank you David!! 😀 It’s hard to keep them (both languages) apart when Im
                                        talking lol

                                        • At 2014.05.18 00:08, Easy Cooking with Sandy said:

                                          😀 gracias jiji 😀 LOL Have a lovely weekend!

                                          • At 2014.05.18 01:04, TheWolfePit said:

                                            Very nice Sandy! Delicious!!

                                            • At 2014.05.18 01:20, Easy Cooking with Sandy said:

                                              Muchas gracias a ti por ver la receta Saludos!! 😀

                                              • At 2014.05.18 02:01, Melissa Angel said:

                                                delicioso gracias por compartir mi hija le entendio mejor q cuando yo le

                                                • At 2014.05.18 02:23, jab67mau04 said:

                                                  Nice spanglish! Princess.

                                                  • At 2014.05.18 02:32, Easy Cooking with Sandy said:

                                                    Hi Ange! they are really delicious, the salsa is the star in this dish,
                                                    some people add cream cheese with the chicken or mushroom cream, and both
                                                    ways are delicious, but I wanted to show you guys the simplest way first,
                                                    but this Salsa is amazing! I love it, and if you want just the salsa, add a
                                                    dash of lemon juice and some avocado pieces and you are ready to eat it
                                                    with some chips!! 😀 yum yum!! thanks for watching my friend!

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