Homemade Chile Rellenos With Ranchero Sauce by Rockin Robin

Homemade Chile Rellenos With Ranchero Sauce by Rockin Robin

I’ll show you step by step how to make delicious chile rellenos with ranchero sauce stuffed and topped with monterey jack cheese. Visit my website: http://ww…
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https://www.facebook.com/pages/La-Cocina-De-Lupita/525263750838464?ref=hl La Cocina de Lupita te enseñara la forma mas facil de preparar las autenticas recet…
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  • At 2015.02.01 16:37, Rockin Robin's Cooking Mexican Recipes said:

    I’ll take you by the hand and show you step by step on how to make chile
    rellenos from scratch. It’s fun and easy, well sort of! #rockinrobincooks
    #mexicanfood ?

    • At 2015.02.01 17:17, T-ROY COOKS said:

      Thanks Robin!! I’ve been waiting for this video, so I appreciate you
      sharing it with us. Your Rellenos looked off the hook!!! ?

      • At 2015.02.01 18:10, Delinda Sarnecki said:

        Yum! I am so hungry now! My number one menu choice when I eat at Mexican
        restaurants is chile rellenos! It doesn’t look that hard to make at home,
        either! This looks delicious. Thanks for sharing……. 🙂 ?

        • At 2015.02.01 19:01, Jay Meranda said:

          I love your cooking videos! You’re amazing! I’m definitely subscribing! ?????

          • At 2015.02.01 19:29, Julie Swahn said:

            You are a really good teacher because you don´t just tell us what to do,
            you also tell us WHY we need to do it that way..Big difference!! This looks
            divine, Robin.. looking forward to trying this and nearly every other
            recipe you have out there!?

            • At 2015.02.01 19:53, CurlyGirlApril said:

              I would love to see this recipe with ground beef inside. It looks so yummy!?

              • At 2015.02.01 20:08, marie Savino said:

                Looks subliminal Robin. I will have to substitute the poblanos with a
                different kind of chile pepper here from my local green grocer but will
                definitely be making this! Cheers! :)?

                • At 2015.02.01 20:18, Jack Mukhtar said:

                  You should have a show on food network because I have literally used 40 of
                  your recipes so a big THANK YOU for that. Also, does the type of cheese
                  matter in the recipe and HAVE A GREAT DAY! :)?

                  • At 2015.02.01 20:58, faye pettaway said:

                    Yummy this look so delicious and easy to make.TFS.?

                    • At 2015.02.01 21:52, I'm a cheese grater said:

                      It’s best to grate the cheese yourself because they put this nasty stuff in
                      pregrated cheese to keep it from clumping and sticking.
                      Robin knows this already but I figured I’d point it out to anyone who is
                      still buying pregrated cheese.
                      So go buy a cheese grater. They’re vital to all kinds of cooking.?

                      • At 2015.02.01 22:26, 1904say said:

                        Thanks Robin.. for such detailed instructions.. as I love… love Chile
                        Rellenos… but have only eaten them out in restaurants.. since I did not
                        have any trusted method. After watching you go through the steps.. ( and
                        thanks for the slow motion demo step.).. I think I can try this at home..
                        maybe tomorrow.. as I have all the ingredients on hand. ?

                        • At 2015.02.01 22:56, Marise Hernandez said:

                          Wow ! Looks awesome ! Will try and make these this weekend : )?

                          • At 2015.02.01 23:19, Anthony Melin said:

                            We just got done making the ranchero sauce, and the chile relleno recipe.
                            Looks amazing. Will let you know in a bit how it came out. Thank You?

                            • At 2015.02.01 23:42, Thaneii said:

                              The most painful thing about this was having to wait a week for this
                              video. Talk about keeping your viewers in suspense… ?

                              • At 2015.02.02 00:05, MnMCooks 2 said:

                                Mmmmmmmmm. I just had one at the restaurant that I always have enchiladas
                                at – wanted something different – but it had way!!!! To much cheese … I
                                think I will try this recipe for my channel but put a twist on it with
                                different cheese :). And add something to it ….. By the way I mentioned
                                you in one of my vids ! Well thanks for this – going to watch the ranchero
                                vid now ?

                                • At 2015.02.02 00:58, Gabriella Trujillo said:

                                  I know first hand this is delicious my dad would bring me Chile Rellenos
                                  from your family restaurant. I love the Cha Cha Chile Relleno Casserole. I
                                  made that a few weeks ago .Sooo Yummy ! This will be my go to Casserole for
                                  the Christmas Potlucks..Thank you Robin ! Abrazos y Besitos,Gail?

                                  • At 2015.02.02 01:54, Pixie Martinez said:

                                    Thank you, Robin! You really make the instructions easy to follow. The
                                    Chile Rellenos and your Ranchero Sauce is absolutely delicious. These are
                                    the absolute best Chili Rellenos ever!!!!?

                                    • At 2015.02.02 02:50, klc317 said:

                                      Looks great!! ?

                                      • At 2015.02.02 02:58, Crystal Snow said:

                                        Do you have a recipe for a crispy crust, not so fluffy, for the chile
                                        rellenos? i prefer a crispier, not so fluffy crust….?

                                        • At 2015.02.02 03:22, bumblur said:

                                          Looks great, Robin. I love chile rellenos. I didn’t realize how complex
                                          the batter was. Thanks for sharing! – John?

                                          • At 2015.02.02 03:23, BustedstuffBBQ said:

                                            wow! thats all i can say! thank you for posting ….this is on my to do

                                            • At 2015.02.02 04:17, S. Reci. said:

                                              How much flour do you use for this recipe? By the way, my family enjoyed
                                              the chile relleno casserole, we had them the same night you posted the
                                              recipe. Mmmmm. Thank you for sharing.?

                                              • At 2015.02.02 05:08, Amanda Shappy said:

                                                Yay! I was waiting for this recipe all week. Going to put it on my menu
                                                plan this coming week .?

                                                • At 2015.02.02 05:35, Natterjak2012 said:

                                                  Where’s the link to the ranchero sauce??

                                                  • At 2015.02.02 06:00, Anthony Melin said:

                                                    This recipe was the best. Everything came out perfect. Next is the home
                                                    made flour tortillas . Also I did the refried bean recipe, a few weeks
                                                    ago. Amazing !! Thank You.?

                                                    • At 2015.02.02 06:00, Monica Medina said:

                                                      Hola lupita! Como estas? Estaba penzando si podes hacer un postre del
                                                      Salvador halgun cake como else’s cakes or lido o de perdida una lechita
                                                      poliada… Que te parese Amiga nosotros los salvadoreños extrañamos mucho
                                                      nuestra comida si podes seguir enseñandonos como hacer comida de halla
                                                      porfavor te voy agradecer grasias lupita te cuidad Saludos desde provo utah

                                                      • At 2015.02.02 06:31, Claudio Esparza said:

                                                        Gracias por todo, desde Canada! you have inspired me in so many ways… a
                                                        regresar a mis roots…25 years en este pais y llagastes a mi vida y me
                                                        inspirarme y a saber que no es tan complicado a hacer platos
                                                        tradicionales..y a aprender a el pais tan lindo al que naci…y mi
                                                        padrastro de costa rica y mi esposo de chile les gusta……..thank

                                                        • At 2015.02.02 06:43, Teresitan77 said:

                                                          Se ve q te quedo delicioso ese chumpipe Lupita,,,,, No se si es mi
                                                          imaginación pero te veo mas delgada , muy bonita como siempre,
                                                          bendiciones!!! ?????

                                                          • At 2015.02.02 07:11, Emili Salg said:

                                                            Wow se me hizo agua la Boca… esta Rico para unos panes con pavo. Gracias
                                                            me encantan tus videos?

                                                            • At 2015.02.02 07:35, Ana Segura said:

                                                              Se ve que te quedo súper delicioso Lupita?

                                                              • At 2015.02.02 07:54, elena rodriguez said:

                                                                En verdad se mira delicioso gracias por compartir.?

                                                                • At 2015.02.02 08:47, Dayana Lamphear said:

                                                                  Lupita quisiera saber como hacer alcuaste?

                                                                  • At 2015.02.02 09:34, heber alvarado said:

                                                                    Me encantan estos videos gracias por subirlos, me recuerda de como mi mama
                                                                    y abuela cocinaban, saludos.?

                                                                    • At 2015.02.02 10:27, Iris Sosa said:

                                                                      Lupita que rica receta una pregunta si mi pavo viene precocido siempre se
                                                                      dejaría por 6 horas en el horno? Gracias ?

                                                                      • At 2015.02.02 10:28, LaCocina deLupita said:
                                                                        • At 2015.02.02 11:09, Ely Fuentes said:

                                                                          +Teresitan77 cierto esta mucho delgada se ve bien bonita mi paisana ?

                                                                          • At 2015.02.02 11:27, teresa valdovinos said:

                                                                            Hola lupita. Te mire un poco nerviosa en tu video. No te preocupes. Tus
                                                                            recetas son muy buenas. La cocina es un arte y como tal tiene diferencias
                                                                            como bien lo dijiste en el video!! Animo!!???? y sigue subiendo de tus
                                                                            deliciosas recetas que tus admiradores(as) te seguiremos apoyando!!?

                                                                            • At 2015.02.02 11:29, sylvia cartagena said:

                                                                              Hola Lupita, quiero saber si tiene la receta del pavo cocinado en cerveza
                                                                              con olivos…… nose como se llama, mi mama solia hacerlo para navidad,
                                                                              talvez usted sabe la receta, le agradeseria mucho.?

                                                                              • At 2015.02.02 11:38, Yecca Reyes said:

                                                                                Se ve q te quedo riquísimo el chompipi jajajaja me acorde de el salv…
                                                                                saludos lupita ?

                                                                                • At 2015.02.02 11:51, Jairo vitx said:

                                                                                  Hola Lupita! Que gran receta y con tantas ganas de hacerla, solo una
                                                                                  pregunta; que seria el mojo marinado? de antemano gracias por tus recetas,
                                                                                  siempre las mejores salvadoreñas!?

                                                                                  • At 2015.02.02 12:04, Ily Wagner said:

                                                                                    Thank you for typing it in English!!! Very much appreciate it and will
                                                                                    definitely be doing this! Thank you again!!?

                                                                                    • At 2015.02.02 12:45, Peke2010 said:

                                                                                      Yo he comprado el pavo precocido y voy hacer la salsa haber como me queda?

                                                                                      • At 2015.02.02 12:51, veraneraful said:

                                                                                        Lupita cambie la foto por cualquiera puede creer q vamos a rellenar a su
                                                                                        papa y no al pavo. Muy Rica la receta!?

                                                                                        • At 2015.02.02 13:42, Sandra Rodriguez said:

                                                                                          Se ve muy rico tu pavo lupita lo voy hacer igual pero sin el relleno?

                                                                                          • At 2015.02.02 14:06, TheSimplykarla said:

                                                                                            Gracias Lupita! Espero y yo lo pueda hacer. De casualidad tienes una receta
                                                                                            para hacer un jamon??

                                                                                            • At 2015.02.02 14:10, Arely Ramos said:

                                                                                              Que flaca estas Lupita y que Bárbara amo como cocinas?

                                                                                              • At 2015.02.02 14:57, Yessica Alvarez said:

                                                                                                Podria hacer tamales De elote porfavor??

                                                                                                • At 2015.02.02 15:22, Yen Lopez said:

                                                                                                  me encantan tus recetas, gracias por publicarlas ?

                                                                                                  • At 2015.02.02 16:21, Maria Molina said:

                                                                                                    Deverias de aser uno de arroz ?

                                                                                                    • At 2015.02.02 16:52, Jaime Reyes said:

                                                                                                      una pregunta lupita el mojo de marinado ke es ?? asiii se compra el la
                                                                                                      tienda ? ?

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