Green Chile & Chicken Stuffed Squash / Calabaza Rellena de Pollo y Chiles Verdes

(traduccion abajo) Don’t have time to prepare an elaborate meal? Try stuffing squash or zucchini. Add a little bit of Latin flair with cilantro and green chi…


  • At 2015.01.31 12:56, 1024specialkay said:

    you are beyond creative!?

    • At 2015.01.31 13:20, fillintheblankstare said:

      Your lime wedges always look so good! It’s been so hard to find decent
      limes in the Texas panhandle recently. Anyway looks good, I’ll have to try
      this! ?

      • At 2015.01.31 13:39, Sharon Liriano said:

        Do you throw out he insides of the squash or store it for another meal??

        • At 2015.01.31 14:26, Nirrr1000 said:

          What did you do with the zucchini flesh? Would be god to incorporate it
          into the meat mix for no waste!:)?

          • At 2015.01.31 15:23, MrTidleyWinks said:

            Can you make a video about making something similar to Chipotle’s salads
            with chicken??

            • At 2015.01.31 16:05, Krista M said:

              your recipes are amazing! i cooked your mac & cheese the other day and it
              was fantastic! you’re channel is definitely one of my favourites!?

              • At 2015.01.31 16:38, zephyrowner said:

                I was referred here by another YouTuber and your recipes are amazing!?

                • At 2015.01.31 17:29, Paula Bustamante said:

                  i love so much your instagram your youtube basically everythin you inspire
                  me to do awesome video recipes <3 you are the best ;)?

                  • At 2015.01.31 17:47, Crystal S said:

                    Love your recipes!!!! Cannot wait to make this!?

                    • At 2015.01.31 18:00, melody271 said:

                      Looks yummy and easy…im going to try this!?

                      • At 2015.01.31 18:06, Abelardo Martinez said:

                        How do you eat this? With a fork or do you just bite into it? ?

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