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The ‘Poblano’ pepper is a very versatile pepper that can be harvested at 3 stages. It is a great container pepper. Immature (dark green) and grilled, dark re…
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  • At 2015.02.05 20:30, Andy P said:

    I will be picking mine when they turn dark red, almost black. I will make
    stuffed peppers. I should get about 4 dozen peppers or more?

    • At 2015.02.05 21:23, jeff duvall said:

      ancho chili?

      • At 2015.02.05 21:29, avgrim77 said:

        Do you know why some of my Serrano peppers are not dark green? They aren’t
        yellow just kinda lighter green. I give them compost tea every time I water
        and Epsom salt every few weeks. My Habanero peppers leaves are getting
        bumpy too. I think they need extra calcium or something.?

        • At 2015.02.05 22:05, chevypowertogo said:

          Hi Gary ..hey can I get you to answer my Prior Questions Reguarding
          Planting from Seed? Or is that somthing your unfamilar with? We dont know
          wether you plant these from Plant Root or Seed? Thank You Varry much Gary?

          • At 2015.02.05 22:06, chevypowertogo said:

            Since seeds can be hard to germinate . How many Seed do I need to plant to
            garentee growth of.a Pepper Tree .. But not to many as not to croud and or
            have roots Compete and resrict growing ? Also how deep and how many seeds
            to put together in one spot? THANK YOU :)?

            • At 2015.02.05 22:18, chevypowertogo said:
              • At 2015.02.05 22:26, chevypowertogo said:

                Hello. Hey were these able to grow nice and big without having to make
                Drainage holes in the bottom of these Nice 2/12 Gallon Containers? Please
                do let us Know, Thank you vary much and keep up the Great Work 🙂 ?

                • At 2015.02.05 23:13, Gary Pilarchik said:

                  Growing Poblanos in containers. They are great container peppers with
                  multiple uses and picking times. Enjoy!?

                  • At 2015.02.05 23:16, Gary Pilarchik said:

                    Thanks. What is ailing your container garden? Don’t give up.

                    • At 2015.02.05 23:42, Vincent Esposito said:

                      Where do u get the containers?

                      • At 2015.02.06 00:00, Gary Pilarchik said:

                        Sure. Ill be roasting them up on the grill this weekend.

                        • At 2015.02.06 00:36, Eileen LeValley said:

                          This is my first year. Im going to try 10-10-10 today and Epsom salts. I’m
                          in Michigan, the weather here has been poop. Thanks, I won’t give up.

                          • At 2015.02.06 00:50, Gary Pilarchik said:

                            Hmm. Sometimes they vary. If the plant look healthy otherwise I would

                            • At 2015.02.06 01:39, Gary Pilarchik said:

                              Hmmm. They should work it out for you. Anything odd going on with the

                              • At 2015.02.06 02:22, Brads Greenhouse said:

                                Those are good looking peppers. I need to grow more peppers and roast more
                                peppers. mmm Thanks for sharing!

                                • At 2015.02.06 02:29, Gary Pilarchik said:

                                  Sometimes plants shut down fruit in the heat. And thats like in the 90’s.
                                  You might just have to keep it healthy and wait for temps to come down.

                                  • At 2015.02.06 02:43, Gary Pilarchik said:

                                    The ones I just ate that were in the video were extra mild. Not much spice
                                    at all. They really do vary off the same plant… and I don’t know why.

                                    • At 2015.02.06 02:56, Isabel S said:

                                      Mine is 3 feet tall, constantly blooming but no peppers. What do you think?

                                      • At 2015.02.06 03:10, Eileen LeValley said:

                                        I’m so jealous….those look great. My container garden is very
                                        sad……I’m not giving up.

                                        • At 2015.02.06 03:41, Brandon AZ said:

                                          Awesome Poblano

                                          • At 2015.02.06 03:54, Eileen LeValley said:

                                            Oh I’m sorry, I don’t think I have any bees. I saw a few,but that’s it.

                                            • At 2015.02.06 04:46, RedBerry at Homestead Hopes said:

                                              Beautiful peppers! Do you use a certain soil or fertilizer food on them in
                                              the buckets? Did you grow them from seed or purchased plants?

                                              • At 2015.02.06 05:27, Bruce Wayne said:


                                                • At 2015.02.06 06:10, CooleyBufo said:

                                                  Beautiful peppers – I can almost smell them roasting right now. A dried
                                                  poblano is called an Ancho as well as a Pasilla, But in Mexico, apparently
                                                  pasilla is a different dried pepper.

                                                  • At 2015.02.06 06:36, Eileen LeValley said:

                                                    Gary, when I mix the 3 T of 10-10-10 with 2 T of Epsom salts, how many
                                                    containers is that for? One? I have 16 containers,thank you.

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