Grandma’s Chile Rellenos

Grandma shows us how to make chile rellenos.


  • At 2014.11.01 12:42, BLFulle said:

    adorable family.?

    • At 2014.11.01 12:43, David Januszewski said:

      nice presentation, great looking rellenos…?

      • At 2014.11.01 13:02, BitzBitzBitz said:

        Awesome. Thanks Grandma?

        • At 2014.11.01 13:19, Manuel Ro said:

          Que maravilla!!!!!!?

          • At 2014.11.01 13:57, Tyler Jacobson said:

            good commentary bro, thanks?

            • At 2014.11.01 14:22, Arno Zegers said:

              Thank you grandma. Im gonna try this soon?

              • At 2014.11.01 14:26, Cawfee Dawgg said:

                Grandmas Rock the world!?

                • At 2014.11.01 15:10, Lily C said:

                  these chilies rellenos looks delicious! now i feel hungry grandma.?

                  • At 2014.11.01 15:54, Marco Guerra said:

                    She is so sweet. Wish I still had my Grandmother. 🙂

                    Thank you for sharing. ?

                    • At 2014.11.01 16:25, Debbie Hastings said:

                      Love Chile Rellenos, Great video. Thank you Grandma!?

                      • At 2014.11.01 16:56, BibleStudy888 said:

                        I think I used the wrong chilis, (I used chili de agua) because they were
                        very thin after peeling and they fell apart when trying to get seeds out. I
                        think I will improvise with them. I hadn’t realized about separating the
                        eggs. I only made them once and the recipe I used before was not
                        authentic. ?

                        • At 2014.11.01 16:57, Nicole Rios said:

                          A grandmas cooking is always the best. Looks like a sweet lady.?

                          • At 2014.11.01 17:36, Michael Gildersleeve said:

                            I really like you making this with your grandmother. Very precious and

                            • At 2014.11.01 18:33, joanne gerard said:

                              that guy’s a ‘hot-pepper’ !?

                              • At 2014.11.01 19:18, midwestknock said:

                                man that was so funny @ 2:50min. who cut the cheese? lolol?

                                • At 2014.11.01 20:11, Marco Guerra said:

                                  You guys made it look to easy……… Lots of hard work but well
                                  worth it. :)?

                                  • At 2014.11.01 20:59, michael todd said:

                                    They look great!! Grandma is a real Sweetheart:)?

                                    • At 2014.11.01 21:28, Arlene Tucker said:

                                      Thanks for this sweet and helpful video! :)?

                                      • At 2014.11.01 22:14, angelica lucero said:

                                        That looks so good..thank you grandma?

                                        • At 2014.11.01 22:28, snowcloud06 said:

                                          Cut the cheese!! LOL?

                                          • At 2014.11.01 22:48, Lisa Jackson said:

                                            aww she is so sweet and this looks delicious!?

                                            • At 2014.11.01 23:34, fivelightsonahill said:

                                              Sorry grandma I’m not brave enough to make that but I do wish I had your
                                              green thumb. My grandma did too. I have a black thumb instead.?

                                              • At 2014.11.02 00:29, Amber Dean said:

                                                Looks delicious!?

                                                • At 2014.11.02 00:44, John Renner said:


                                                  • At 2014.11.02 01:18, April shmapril said:

                                                    This is a better way to roast the peppers than how I’ve been doing it. I’ll
                                                    try your abuela’s way. This is a sweet and helpful video thanks for

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