Erik Learns To Make Enchiladas At A Restaurant Hidden In The Rainforest!!


  • At 2015.01.27 20:33, Amber Wells said:

    I really like how you give so much respect to the grandmothers. This is
    what I find missing in a lot of cooking shows for Mexican food. It’s always
    about the host and not about those who have crafted the food their whole

    • At 2015.01.27 21:16, stephanie obispo said:

      Wow, this is great, never seen this plate before, now i have a new way of
      making enchiladas!?

      • At 2015.01.27 22:00, Nohemi Martinez said:

        Yeah now that realll mexican food…n that was really sweet of u to help
        that lady cuz its hard work do that….?

        • At 2015.01.27 22:18, Enrique Mariño said:

          I’m Mexican and Love your love to our real food?

          • At 2015.01.27 22:25, Iveth Segundo said:

            Love your videos!! And now am craving for some enchiladas ?????

            • At 2015.01.27 23:21, Alma Rodríguez said:

              Mmmmmm erick fuiste al lugar prefecto mi san Luis potosí donde se hacen las
              mejores enchiladas potosinas asi se disen sabes me gustaria que fueras a
              queretaro donde mi hermana vive tambien tienen una gastronomia riquisima me
              encantan tus videos :)xoxo <3?

              • At 2015.01.27 23:44, jose torres said:

                que ricas enchiladas!!?

                • At 2015.01.28 00:43, Jose Zeferino said:

                  Wait…aren’t those entomatadas? As far as I know enchiladas are made with
                  a chile sauce.?

                  • At 2015.01.28 01:12, Nadia Vega said:

                    Me encantan tus vídeos :)?

                    • At 2015.01.28 01:18, Yoselin Gonzalez said:

                      Muy boniito 🙂 ?

                      • At 2015.01.28 01:53, TheThemaryespe said:

                        Ja ja pinches extranjeros!!!!?

                        • At 2015.01.28 02:38, Mozkita Muerta said:

                          ahhh me gusto.!! pinches extranjeros jajajajajaja?

                          • At 2015.01.28 02:56, ARELY López said:

                            Wow tremendas abuelitas buenas para cosinar?

                            • At 2015.01.28 03:38, TOzhino said:

                              Ya me dio hambre xD , amo tus vídeos <3?

                              • At 2015.01.28 04:16, TOzhino said:

                                Ya me dio hambre xD , amo tus vídeos <3?

                                • At 2015.01.28 04:31, TheThemaryespe said:

                                  No puedo parar de reir cuando lo dices…?

                                  • At 2015.01.28 05:23, elizabeth palacios said:

                                    Hajjajajajajaja. Pinches extranjeros lol! ?

                                    • At 2015.01.28 05:33, TheFonseca2 said:

                                      haaaa yo quiero ir a ese lugar!?

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