Enchiladas Verde con Pollo Part 1 ( married to a Mexican)

Authentic Mexican Chicken enchiladas with green sauce.
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  • At 2014.12.28 20:33, foxyroxy221 said:

    i also fry up the tortillas. i frist dip them in the sauce then fry them. i
    use red sauce tho. i’m also white with a mexican . you do great cooking vids

    • At 2014.12.28 21:10, lachida89 said:

      You could also cook the fresh chicken breast with garlic, onion, water and
      salt. And then you’ll just shred it. For me it’s better because that way
      it’s fresh and it tastes better, but we all do it different. But since I am
      Mexican that’s the way my mom thaught me to. But anyways I love your
      recipes. Thanks for letting everyone know that Mexican food is good, and
      easy to cook:)

      • At 2014.12.28 21:22, delotroladodelcharco said:

        if you actually fry the tortilla for few seconds, you will have a excellent
        crunchy taste on you enchiladas, and I like to use tortillas “el milagro”
        becouse they are more close to the real tortillas we have in Mexico

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