Enchiladas Chicken and Venison

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  • At 2014.09.20 12:13, klc317 said:

    I still find it peculiar to see Sam cooking in the open and not in a
    sleeper cab with a road pro…haha. Dinner looks great!?

    • At 2014.09.20 13:13, grebig said:

      Looks good?

      • At 2014.09.20 13:30, Jimmie Holmes said:

        look good sam?

        • At 2014.09.20 13:32, Ron4936 said:

          looks good enough to eat :)?

          • At 2014.09.20 14:26, wasmorton said:


            • At 2014.09.20 15:23, Jan Mizeski said:

              lol Nice can opener Sam.?

              • At 2014.09.20 15:30, PJ Roads said:

                Come to Canada I want to eat your food!!! Please?!?

                • At 2014.09.20 15:54, MrMarkw36 said:

                  looks good. nick can you make a play list of the truck cooking videos? we
                  use them when we go camping as guide on what to do. thanks?

                  • At 2014.09.20 16:21, Burl Carey said:

                    Sure looks good Sam. Im pressure frying my chicken now. Its fast and
                    delicious and quickly made in the truck. Pressure cookers for truck cooking
                    is the bomb…lol. c-ya!?

                    • At 2014.09.20 16:48, 90national said:

                      I soooo love the cooking videos :)?

                      • At 2014.09.20 17:04, PiffleVlogs said:
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