Creamy Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas (NM)

Creamy Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas (NM)

This video is about preparing and cooking New Mexico style enchiladas and utilizes a pressure cooker to yeild juicy, tender, flavorful chicken and broth.

Red Chile made by my grandma liz Update 10/17/13: Grandma Liz is doing great! Very surprised that after all this time her video is still popular! I’ve been r…


  • At 2015.01.24 16:47, AzAcer1 said:

    Looks tasty! Thanks for the recipe!?

    • At 2015.01.24 16:49, Justin Case said:

      “Lard” , ” Shortening ” ” Lard ” , “Shortening” LOL such a bad word for
      something that makes stuff taste so delicious .. Moderation i guess huh ?
      =) I made this last night , grandma Liz .. it’s simple , easy & delicious
      !! puts that canned stuff to shame , thank you ! would love to spend a
      day in your kitchen with you, like i used to with my granny .. brought
      back beautiful memories .. gracias ! ?

      • At 2015.01.24 17:42, Shawn Marquez said:

        Why not just say equal flour to fat? and its called a roux ?

        • At 2015.01.24 18:16, Justin Case said:

          and why is flaky soooo good in a crust or biscuit and so bad in a person
          lol ?

          • At 2015.01.24 19:03, Marco Vargas said:

            you had me at Lard?

            • At 2015.01.24 19:32, azcardinals1234 said:

              Just like my mom’s ?

              • At 2015.01.24 19:42, Derek Vigil said:

                just how my grandma taught me, I love home made Enchilada sauce instead of
                that canned stuff gringos (not being racists) go crazy for but the home
                made stuff is the best ?

                • At 2015.01.24 20:23, hippie doll said:

                  thank you for your recipe nana liz.
                  i just made some red chile from powder and i shredded up some chicken and
                  we’ll have that with beans on the side and some tortillas.
                  thanks again for your time & for posting this video.

                  • At 2015.01.24 20:39, Jorge Zakastan said:

                    Cuanta gente sin agua en el mundo, y estas personas desperdiciandola.
                    AGUA, DIVINO TESORO?

                    • At 2015.01.24 20:45, RadianceRush said:

                      Why are so many Latinos so racist towards whites on here??

                      • At 2015.01.24 21:03, Kate Williams said:

                        PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, include the written recipe for those of us who are
                        DEAF!! I have no idea what you are saying. The translation here on YouTube
                        is just horrible, really terrible. You cannot tell what is being said for
                        some unknown reason. I have complained over and over and over again to
                        YouTube, only to have my complaints and suggestions fall of (no pun
                        intended) deaf ears! So, please include the FULL written instructions,
                        recipe, ingredient list, the best brands to use, etc., so that I, and
                        others, can recreate this recipe. Thank you very much. I certainly
                        appreciate it.?

                        • At 2015.01.24 21:57, Monicasdestiny said:

                          Thank you for sharing this great recipe! ?

                          • At 2015.01.24 22:30, C Chan said:


                            • At 2015.01.24 23:30, ronniedg44 said:

                              Tex-Mex style im loving it! thanks ive been looking for this recipe I
                              finally found it thank u gramma! ur the best!?

                              • At 2015.01.25 00:16, Kate Williams said:

                                I have absolutely NO idea what Grandma Liz is saying, or what the
                                ingredients are that she is using. PLEASEEEEEEEEEE include the written
                                recipe for this wonderful sauce on here or tell me where I can go to get
                                it. I am deaf and have no idea what is being said and I really would love
                                to have this recipe. I have been trying to get it since it was first
                                posted, with no luck. I would really appreciate it if you would update and
                                include the written recipe for it. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE. Thank you.?

                                • At 2015.01.25 00:59, Blifaman Smith said:

                                  WONDERFUL. Your family showing interest and your interactions. This is
                                  delightful to watch and I thank you for sharing it. And BTW, the sauce
                                  looks delicious. Thank you all very much for sharing. God Bless your

                                  • At 2015.01.25 01:19, GorgeousRoddyChrome said:

                                    April 10, 2014 – Fernandez Chile Company Inc of Alamosa, Colorado is
                                    recalling 4oz *Chile Molido Puro* UPC code 77601-10011 because it has the
                                    potential to be contaminated with Salmonella, an organism which can cause
                                    serious and sometimes fatal infections in young, frail or elderly people,
                                    and others with weakened immune systems. Healthy persons infected with
                                    Salmonella often experience fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal
                                    pain. In rare circumstances, infection with Salmonella can result in the
                                    organism getting into the bloodstream and producing more severe illnesses
                                    such as arterial infections, endocarditis and arthritis.?

                                    • At 2015.01.25 01:42, Michelle Briseno said:

                                      Just how my grandma taught me!! :)?

                                      • At 2015.01.25 02:09, ebuff57 said:

                                        simple enough?

                                        • At 2015.01.25 02:51, Silvia Perez said:

                                          Thank you for sharing!!! I can’t wait to try it!! Thank your grandma for me

                                          • At 2015.01.25 03:41, 13moocher said:

                                            @realbeereels ??? This CRAP is enchilada sauce as made my thousands of
                                            American’s of Southwestern Mexican (Spanish and Native American). I suppose
                                            you prefer the CANNED crap, If it works for you, the canned crap: GREAT!!!

                                            • At 2015.01.25 03:41, cynthiagonzales98 said:

                                              It reminds me of my grandma lol she always tries to teach me her recipes
                                              but there are never measurements lol she just tells me “you’ll know”

                                              • At 2015.01.25 04:26, aquafina2u said:

                                                @Yepper, different parts of the country make it differently. Whose to say
                                                whose sauce is more authentic. I’m from TX, and my Mom made it exactly like
                                                Grandma Liz except she didn’t mix cheese in the sauce. It thickened without
                                                the cheese.

                                                • At 2015.01.25 05:24, watsonvillian said:

                                                  Always pay attentions to grandma’s recipes. One day you will be able to
                                                  make it yourself for everyone. Thanks for the upload. Does your gram like
                                                  to use the dried chile’s too? I have always used those and not the
                                                  powdered. I am considering the chile powder too now though since seeing
                                                  this. Thanks.

                                                  • At 2015.01.25 05:35, GraphicsbyRM83 said:

                                                    and some ppl just don’t understand that(my spouse is mexican and none of
                                                    them have the recipes to their gmas or mothers cooking which is really
                                                    good, I love to cook so when she cooks Im in the kitchen learning)

                                                    • At 2015.01.25 06:13, bigbubba8888 said:

                                                      i been watching how to make red enchilada sauce all day on you-tube about
                                                      60 of them she was the only one that keep tasting it making sure it was
                                                      season perfect. she is a true cook. the sauce looked great.

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