Creamy Chicken Sour Cream Enchiladas

Creamy Chicken Sour Cream Enchiladas

The best Creamy Chicken Sour Cream Enchiladas you have ever tasted!
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  • At 2015.01.01 00:31, archie said:

    lumpy enchiata yumm ! NOT wtf? whats mexicn about it? ?

    • At 2015.01.01 01:16, Inam Alwindawi said:

      That is great recipe and thank you for sharing.

      • At 2015.01.01 01:51, pamela asansa said:

        thank you, I am Mexican too but I have no idea how to cook tex mex food, I
        was craving some good chicken creamy enchiladas and this is a great idea!

        • At 2015.01.01 02:45, Cheyenne Hendrix said:

          you should have your own show. the only thing that bothered me was it wasnt
          loud enough. but i deff wanna try this recipe mmmmm!?

          • At 2015.01.01 03:32, arnol arno said:

            can u write all those stuff u used in the info plz cause ill like to try
            and make it

            • At 2015.01.01 04:25, Brandon Copeland said:

              I LOVE that credenza in your dinning room. Let me tell you ALL one good way
              to really get to know your spouse… Go grocery shopping WITH them. I’m
              gonna ‘call’ you on 2 things. One, you referred to your audience as
              “Ladies” (don’t forget us men are watching too), and Two, you called it a
              casserole. I can smell it from Houston, TX. GREAT JOB. Nice. -Peace from
              Houston, TX.

              • At 2015.01.01 05:19, Victoria Harris said:

                Looks so good cant wait to make it

                • At 2015.01.01 05:59, angela alaniz said:

                  what kind of flour torillias did u use pls comment I really want to make
                  this for my family it looks good

                  • At 2015.01.01 06:48, lashay77 said:

                    Where did you get the cup and a half measuring cup from? I love that! 🙂

                    • At 2015.01.01 06:53, princess131985 said:

                      Everything is caned, that doesn’t makd them real mexican enchiladas, and
                      yes I say REAL because enchiladasare a mexican dish =/…not spicy? Hmmm

                      • At 2015.01.01 07:46, TheHapiwyf said:

                        Well Princess, being a cook – you can’t please everyone. Not everyone’s a
                        lover. But hey, if you want to roast, peel and chop your own green chilies.
                        Go for it. Make all the “canned” items- yourself – you are welcome to do
                        so. As any recipe goes – make it to your liking. Good luck.

                        • At 2015.01.01 08:42, solliebollie78 said:

                          this was a freakin HIT at my house.. Every one fell silent weth delight at
                          the table thank you!

                          • At 2015.01.01 09:21, Jerrid333 said:

                            Hmmm… I am the first to make a post to this thread… a first for me.
                            Woohoo! Anyway, my wife loves sour cream enchiladas. I know she likes the
                            ones from Ponchos… does this taste any thing like that? I am not too much
                            into sour cream, but I try to cook what my wife likes. I will try this
                            recipe and get back with you on how she enjoyed it. When you dried the
                            tortillas did you just stack them on top of each other? Doesn’t that make
                            each one still greasy since it is grease on grease?

                            • At 2015.01.01 10:16, TheHapiwyf said:

                              @lashay77 Williams Sonoma – they have what they call regular measuring cups
                              which have the 4 or 5 normal sizes then a different set I believe called
                              odd sizes which has the 1 1/2 cups and others. I LOVE Williams-Sonoma.
                              Purchased them about 4 years ago, don’t know if they still have them, but
                              they also have the odd sizes for measureing spoons too.

                              • At 2015.01.01 10:17, brenda camilo said:

                                que aburricion de explican nada

                                • At 2015.01.01 10:31, heydee meza said:

                                  para que tanto rollo no pueden decir como hacer las tortitas y ya……….

                                  • At 2015.01.01 10:47, leticia montiel said:

                                    Es un video de cocina no un comercial que feo video

                                    • At 2015.01.01 11:34, Esmeralda Juarez said:

                                      Esta Sra. Es chef? O al menos cocina en su casa? Las que lo hacemos sabemos
                                      que el cilantro no se pone primero en la licuadora pues no se licua bien lo
                                      que le paso a ella se pasan de comercial!!?

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