Churipo ( How To )

Churipo ( How To ): Traditional to pueblitos to the state of Michoacan. Ingredients: Chamorro de res Espinazo de res Chiles california Ajo Cebolla Chayote Ca…
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Una forma de preparar el ragout en una olla rápida, puedes leer todo el proceso en mi blog:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • At 2014.09.29 20:06, Erika Castillo said:

    I just made this soooo good !!! What part of Michocan are you from ? My
    parents are from Villamar Michoacan and my Mom never made this ?????

    • At 2014.09.29 20:47, norma contreras said:

      I love her she reminds me of my grandma! Dios la bendiga señora.?

      • At 2014.09.29 21:09, Vanessa Marie said:

        Looks so good. I’m making this when it cools down here in Arizona.?

        • At 2014.09.29 21:42, virgostar2012 said:

          This looks soooo delicious! I’m going to make it… Thank you…?

          • At 2014.09.29 22:27, @m@nd@ falcon said:

            I love her little smile from 9:09 -9:13?????

            • At 2014.09.29 22:51, Morelia Traveler said:

              perdon, queria saber que es la diferencia entre caldo de res y churipo?

              • At 2014.09.29 23:13, oceanpearl777 said:

                Your abuela is adorable, reminds me of my Mom. She was such a wonderful
                cook I miss her cooking. Thanks for sharing your abuela with us. <3 ?

                • At 2014.09.29 23:52, nancy g said:

                  mmm, lo como casi todos las dias?

                  • At 2014.09.29 23:56, Vanessa Marie said:

                    Can you make birria with beef? I would love to see how your nana makes it.?

                    • At 2014.09.30 00:35, Armida Magallanes said:

                      Looks delicious!!!! Que Dios las bendiga?

                      • At 2014.09.30 01:22, Maritza Bustos said:

                        I just made this dish for my family last night and they LOVED it!! thanks
                        so much for the recipe- my pickie 5 year old even asked for seconds- it
                        felt good to watch my kiddos enjoy such a nutritious meal. note to your
                        abuela I have adopted her she is my fave! I called her ‘my abuela’ lol =)?

                        • At 2014.09.30 01:49, MARGARITA GAETAS said:

                          Q RICO SE VE MM?

                          • At 2014.09.30 01:53, Antesmrtaquesensilla said:

                            Mmmm muy ricoooo i invite you to my channel please ?????????????????

                            • At 2014.09.30 02:34, Yanii Hernandez said:

                              que sabrosoooooooooooooooooo….. silvia que hemosas flores que tienes ahi
                              son de las plantas de mi abuelita pregunto saludos ?

                              • At 2014.09.30 03:32, venus1129 said:

                                Looks fantastic… I am going to make this!!?

                                • At 2014.09.30 04:13, Gustavoinsd said:

                                  Been under a lot of stress lately. Thank you for mentioning that God
                                  thought about us (me) before the foundation of the earth, that really warms
                                  my heart. God bless. The Churipo looks very delicious! ?

                                  • At 2014.09.30 04:24, TheMeljava said:

                                    Looooks so delicious! Can’t wait to try this, (I’m married to a Mexican)
                                    lol so I appreciate your videos! & yesssss praise God! I love your boldness
                                    & saying that to your viewers! #JesusLovesYou …God bless. ?

                                    • At 2014.09.30 05:03, Inge B said:

                                      I love her!
                                      Another great one . Can I do this in the crockpot??

                                      • At 2014.09.30 05:15, Juan Montanez said:

                                        Thank you for this recipe,looks delishes,i also like your red aluminum
                                        tumblers,where did you buy those??

                                        • At 2014.09.30 06:13, Sara Ruiz said:

                                          Hello Silvia, I wanted to ask about the California chiles, every time I
                                          cook with this kind of chiles I use a colador so no skins come up in the
                                          food, I’ve notice that your Abuela always puts the chiles straight from the
                                          blender? Does the food have the chile skins??

                                          • At 2014.09.30 06:25, Josie Rivera said:

                                            Do you have a recipe for chile Verde with pork stew?

                                            • At 2014.09.30 07:09, BabyLisaChula said:

                                              That Looks So Delicious!! I Need A Huge Caldo Pot Like That.They Are So
                                              Hard To Find 😀 ?

                                              • At 2014.09.30 07:22, Liuva Goinzalez said:

                                                Que bueno que pusieron mas videos. Pongan mas!! Me encanta el estilo de la
                                                abuela. DIos les bendiga!!! ?

                                                • At 2014.09.30 08:17, Marcia Karina said:

                                                  Yommiiii mañana hago de comer churipo lástima que solo a mi me gusta ….va
                                                  mas para mi saludos a ti silvia y a tu abuelita?

                                                  • At 2014.09.30 08:42, Ana De Anda said:

                                                    Mmmm que rico, en mi tierra le llaman mole de olla, pero es igual solo le
                                                    faltaron las zanahorias, pero cuando lo cocinan las abuelitas, no importa
                                                    como se llamen. Gracias abuelita por enseñarnos a hacer Choriundo.?

                                                    • At 2014.09.30 09:23, carrenonat said:

                                                      Hola Maria, lo pondré en practica Gracias!!

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