Chiles Toreados (Pan-Fried Peppers) – El Guzii

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  • At 2014.09.09 00:37, Mario Zamora said:

    No salt??

    • At 2014.09.09 01:02, ShowMeHowNow said:

      @MrEZCooking Oh thanks Richard! Can’t wait for the video, man that sounds
      good. Woohoo! shout-outs are always cool hehe, thanks bro! You take care as

      • At 2014.09.09 01:56, Mario Zamora said:

        Me supongo que ya no les pones sal porque la soy sauce ya tiene sal??? y en
        vez de lima se le pude poner limon??

        • At 2014.09.09 02:33, ShowMeHowNow said:

          @slolita1 gracias!

          • At 2014.09.09 02:56, Brittany Beech said:

            You’re making me very hungry. There’s no selection of chiles in Taiwan 🙁
            Just bell pepper or Thai chili.

            • At 2014.09.09 03:13, ShowMeHowNow said:

              @randymontoya wow! que curada que te vas a casar!!! felicidades mi buen!
              Hahaha está dificil creer que hiciste la pasta para tu novia pero a la
              misma ves si te creo porque es fácil de preparar y más aparte se vé muy
              elegante ese platillo! Te la rifaste! Claro que si, te mandaré saludos 🙂
              te mando un abrazo compita y felicidades de nuevo!

              • At 2014.09.09 03:18, OGRON47 said:

                Hey gus can i make those with normal red peppers?

                • At 2014.09.09 04:00, ShowMeHowNow said:

                  @OGRON47 Thanks Rich!

                  • At 2014.09.09 04:16, ShowMeHowNow said:

                    @OGRON47 you are welcome. I don’t know yet probably the first week of
                    October 🙂

                    • At 2014.09.09 04:37, randymontoya said:

                      CReo que mi lombris se estan comiendo entre si que deli se mira eso man oye
                      pero que no te falta algo en todo ese cuadro de carne asada?? como que
                      falta algo no ? jaja sigue asi muy buen video como todos los demas viva

                      • At 2014.09.09 05:29, OGRON47 said:

                        nice one. i have to make those. 😀

                        • At 2014.09.09 06:17, Cee N said:

                          My aunt pan-fries these peppers! They’re really good and spicy! I never
                          expected them to be hot since they are chubby chiles. hehe

                          • At 2014.09.09 07:05, ShowMeHowNow said:

                            @elrabbitsbbq haha you know it homie! We gotta represent la raza!

                            • At 2014.09.09 07:07, Richard Blaine said:

                              I like to stuff Poblano’s with either chicken or shrimp and a nice
                              escabeche sauce! I stuff Jalapenos with meat and cheese and then stuff the
                              pepper in a ball of pork sausage! I make a killer Thai dipping sauce with
                              chilies! I just love peppers!

                              • At 2014.09.09 07:11, ShowMeHowNow said:

                                @MrEZCooking lol peppers are legit! especially if they are seasoned well 🙂
                                what’s you favorite dish that involves peppers?

                                • At 2014.09.09 07:18, Richard Blaine said:

                                  @ShowMeHowNow Hi Gus! I will be making some seafood stuffed Poblanos in the
                                  near future and I will make sure to mention your channel and the fact that
                                  you are a pepper lover to! Take Care!

                                  • At 2014.09.09 08:17, ShowMeHowNow said:

                                    @TawnieMcCard thanks for the recommendation! I checked them out and they
                                    are awesome! Thanks!! 🙂

                                    • At 2014.09.09 08:24, iLoveGunzzzzz said:

                                      Is it me or are chiles much spicier once you pan fry them? My mom bought
                                      these peppers that look like Jalepenos but much bulkier and fatter and I
                                      decided to pan fry them. Bad idea, it gave me a headache.

                                      • At 2014.09.09 08:57, ShowMeHowNow said:

                                        @angelwings500 Thanks!! 🙂 Have you ever eaten something like this? I’m
                                        asking you because you’ve lived all over the world 🙂

                                        • At 2014.09.09 09:35, Richard Blaine said:

                                          You Gus that there is some killer soul food! I am gonna need some Cerveza
                                          Tecate’s with those mano! Looks great!

                                          • At 2014.09.09 10:20, ShowMeHowNow said:

                                            @MrEZCooking Que onda Richard! thanks for stopping by man! soul food is
                                            good for everyone! 😀

                                            • At 2014.09.09 10:51, randymontoya said:

                                              @ShowMeHowNow Naaaa nada de dificil cocinar no es dificil lo dificil es
                                              anirmarse y espero mi saludo jaja sigue con tus videos la verdad son
                                              buenisimos buen dia y arriba mexico si no mira el mapa jajaja yijaaaaaa

                                              • At 2014.09.09 11:40, ShowMeHowNow said:

                                                @brittanyleeful hello! Bell peppers will do! 🙂 Thai Chili is good too but
                                                WOW it’s HOT! 🙂

                                                • At 2014.09.09 12:02, PetervsChicken1 said:

                                                  im your biggest fan and i watch your show every day but can i ask you a
                                                  favor can you make a fried chicken video please thanks for reading

                                                  • At 2014.09.09 12:59, randymontoya said:

                                                    @ShowMeHowNow jaja muchas gracias y se agardece que tengas el tiempo de
                                                    saludar a tus suscriptores oye oye la semana que viene es mi boda asi que
                                                    espero puedas mandarme un saludo en tu sguiente video jaja ya que creas o
                                                    no la pasta ala carbonara fue el platillo que prepare en la cena donde
                                                    entregue el anillo jaja asi que en parte algo ayudarte y no dudes que
                                                    utilizare tus recetas para concentir ami futura esposa jajaja asi que
                                                    acuerdate de tu paisano saludos gracias x tus videos =)

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