Chiles Rellenos

Chiles Rellenos Para preparar esta deliciosa receta necesitamos: Para el relleno: Un paquete de queso crema, aceitunas picadas, cebolla picada, 40 grs de cam…

Please click the CC button if you don’t see the English captions. How to make chiles rellenos. You can use my Picadillo video to make the filling for this ch…
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  • At 2014.06.10 00:48, sherry bear said:

    Thanks for the video. For me, trickiest part of making chiles rellenos is
    just being super careful when it comes to flipping them in the hot oil.
    Other than that, they’re super easy. When I make a bunch, I place all the
    peppers on a cookie sheet lined w/foil & tiny bit of olive oil on it &
    roast them until the skin is ready to peel off. Only takes a few minutes.
    :0) I love stuffing them with a good melting cheese and sometimes both
    the melting cheese with roasted (shredded) chicken. Haven’t tried beef
    yet, but I definitely will! ~Yum~ ?

    • At 2014.06.10 00:48, daniel sanchez said:

      yum yum?

      • At 2014.06.10 01:06, Nina Gregory said:

        Thank you this is wonderful!

        • At 2014.06.10 01:16, William Jaeger said:

          Nice! well done!

          • At 2014.06.10 02:04, macwoof said:

            thank you. nicely done and easy to follow.

            • At 2014.06.10 02:30, Shanna Lynn said:

              Making these right now.. this was very helpful 🙂

              • At 2014.06.10 03:04, Jessica Gonzales said:

                The ground beef is it cooked or raw when its stuffed?

                • At 2014.06.10 03:15, CrzyBear9 said:

                  you are SO domesticated Shanna,, lol,, and you don’t even share,, that’s
                  just wrong

                  • At 2014.06.10 03:45, rtahouri1 said:

                    it was cooked. A) the meat was seperated in chunks, raw meat would stick
                    together B) the beef would have remained raw if it were raw, considering it
                    was concealed in a pepper and battered. Physically there is no way the
                    cooking temprature could reach the beef with those layers in that amount of

                    • At 2014.06.10 04:06, Keepsu said:


                      • At 2014.06.10 05:04, Juanelo1946 said:

                        ¡Parece muy sabroso, buen trabajo!

                        • At 2014.06.10 05:48, Bianca Rodriguez said:

                          Cuanto tiempo tiene que quedarse el chile en la bolsa??

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