Chiles Rellenos / Mexican Stuffed Peppers

Thank you all for watching. Again, for questions email me at or leave a comments below. I would also like to know how this recipe tur…
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  • At 2014.10.20 00:25, xoannalee said:

    I like eating the leftover egg with queso fresco inside! Yum

    • At 2014.10.20 00:32, CoriCooks said:

      Ooooh I love the egg with queso fresco!!! And yes my son does look cute 🙂

      • At 2014.10.20 01:08, xoannalee said:

        Good job cori btw choko looks cute looking out te window towards the end of
        the video

        • At 2014.10.20 01:23, CoriCooks said:

          Gilbertoe2010 I will do that next time :))

          • At 2014.10.20 02:02, Gilbertoe2010 said:

            You should add a clip at the end of you guys eating the meal

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