Chiles en Nogada with the World’s Premier Culinary College

Chiles en Nogada with the World's Premier Culinary College

The Culinary Institute of America is the world’s premier culinary college. Culinary school Chef-Instructor Iliana de la Vega demonstrates how to prepare Chil…
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  • At 2014.05.11 08:54, poker slob said:

    This looks incredible. I’m assuming the dish is served cold or room
    temperature? And are the peppers cooked through or just al dente ??

    • At 2014.05.11 09:54, angeewells said:

      wow. thank for the hitory lesson along with the recipe.

      • At 2014.05.11 10:42, 1234mexicanpower said:

        The traditional recipe is most diferent like this, the walnut we use is
        “Nuez de castilla” is a white walnut, grows in the zone of the state of
        Puebla here in México, sometimes we fried the chile cover with egg shake..
        and others things more, its very dificult write all the recipe! jeje There
        are much recipes and this one, is one of them, but not is bad this recipe
        is a good intent, i recomend you to visit my country! Not is like to see in
        the tv is so diferent and amazing! 😀

        • At 2014.05.11 11:25, Marco Rossainz said:

          @maismude61 what’s the traditional recipe?

          • At 2014.05.11 11:52, Oscar Velazquez said:

            Come on. This is not the original recipe.

            • At 2014.05.11 11:54, imbeat said:

              chef! i miss you so much!!!!! thank you again for all your help, I hope to
              visit my other home soon xo Gavin

              • At 2014.05.11 12:41, Yonghee Kim said:

                MUUUCHAS GRACIAS SENORITA!!!!!!! <3 <3

                • At 2014.05.11 13:13, Elsa Romo said:

                  You are right!! I´m mexican an this is just another version of the story!!!

                  • At 2014.05.11 13:29, apple rizi said:

                    but they were nuns who made this dish

                    • At 2014.05.11 13:37, heat0fthenight said:

                      you can put a touch of wine to the meat… it is just great..

                      • At 2014.05.11 14:06, kMC303 said:

                        Eh I’m an American citizen but I’ve been living in Mexico City for about 4
                        years now. I love this dish. I couldn’t imagine eating it anywhere else
                        except for Mexico. It’s just more traditional and they clearly know how to
                        make it better. It’s like when people try making tacos or anything else in
                        the U.S. It usually fails. lol

                        • At 2014.05.11 14:37, MrTGSB said:

                          i always put a touch of red wine to my nogada and it works great !

                          • At 2014.05.11 14:56, maismude61 said:

                            this is not the true story of chiles en nogada you’re wrong it was made to
                            Agustin de Iturbide when he went to puebla and that is not the traditional

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