Chile Relleno

Hello everyone, so after vacation I was sick with strep throat that is why its been longer than I would have liked to put up a video. Some of you may already…
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  • At 2014.09.24 04:12, amygwynne said:

    you put this video up on my birthday :)?

    • At 2014.09.24 04:38, Toby Shoemaker said:

      My wife’s newest video recipe!?

      • At 2014.09.24 05:32, Mishmawshandotherthings said:

        Brand new recipe on how to make Chile Relleno healthy or healthier!?

        • At 2014.09.24 06:26, Victoria Paxton said:

          Helllpppp! I want to make this but I can’t find it on ur blog! I think I
          can “wing it” but I wanted u to know its not on there love!

          • At 2014.09.24 06:58, TheTrueRae Smile said:

            New spin on an older dish!! Wow I am loving that you used Flax! I use a lot
            of flax even in our morning breakshakes… (breakfast drinks) Awesome
            recipe… Where can we get the sauce you used I wonder… or can we? What
            do you recommend if we do not have that.. Pico… (can’t spell it ROFL)
            Pico De Guy O “giggles” Love and HUGS

            • At 2014.09.24 07:50, Sues quickandeasy said:

              i pronounce jalepeno just like you 🙂

              • At 2014.09.24 07:58, Sues quickandeasy said:

                amen sista! we love cheese in my household too and my sense of humor is
                pretty cheesy lol

                • At 2014.09.24 08:50, Mishmawshandotherthings said:

                  Thank you and I thought it would make a great binder too a lot better for
                  you than breadcrumbs.Thank you for watching and just so you know even the
                  kids liked them, that is when you know you did something good lol. Take
                  care. Heather

                  • At 2014.09.24 09:09, Victoria Paxton said:

                    Also Heather, you justified urself about adding water to the sauce bottle,
                    how u pronounce jalapeno and flaxseed; it’s ur channel sweetie: u don’t
                    need to justify urself to ANYONE. If people don’t like it block them! I
                    love ur channel and I’m sure everyone else that watches ur videos does to!
                    You look great btw.

                    • At 2014.09.24 10:04, theresa bollman said:

                      Yes correct.I actually buy the oil and use it in tiny amounts on some foods.

                      • At 2014.09.24 10:22, Mishmawshandotherthings said:

                        Thank you very much it was a yummy healthy lunch that is for sure. Take
                        care. Heather

                        • At 2014.09.24 10:59, aliciash said:

                          i didnt know u changed ur name!

                          • At 2014.09.24 11:01, FitAnge S said:

                            Yum that looks absolutly delicious. Thank you for sharing

                            • At 2014.09.24 11:31, Mishmawshandotherthings said:

                              I did it so my blog, facebook page and this would all be one so there would
                              be no confusion. Thank you for watching. Heather

                              • At 2014.09.24 11:40, Mishmawshandotherthings said:

                                You got that right never too much garlic or cheese in my house lol. Thank
                                you for watching. Heather

                                • At 2014.09.24 11:53, Mishmawshandotherthings said:

                                  Aww thank you. I am working pretty hard that is for sure. I am happy you
                                  liked the recipe, thank you for stopping by. Heather

                                  • At 2014.09.24 12:39, Mishmawshandotherthings said:

                                    LOL you are so funny Rae, and great question you can either order the wing
                                    sauce online just google Peggy’s wing sauce or you can use your favorite
                                    hot sauce or you can use salsa. Pico De Gallo is like a salsa that has
                                    diced onions, diced tomatoes, jalapenos, lime juice and cilantro. Toby
                                    throws in some garlic once in a while too. Thank you for stopping by and
                                    God bless and big hugs to you too. Heather

                                    • At 2014.09.24 12:54, True1Directioner9 said:

                                      Can you do a recipe for lasagna ?

                                      • At 2014.09.24 13:29, Mishmawshandotherthings said:

                                        Thank you very much for the compliment. Its a lot of hard work but its
                                        worth it. Thank you for watching my video. Take care and God bless. Heather

                                        • At 2014.09.24 13:34, Mishmawshandotherthings said:

                                          it was very tasty. thank you for stopping by. Heather

                                          • At 2014.09.24 14:22, shanluvstocook said:

                                            Okay I’m finally sitting down to watch this yayyyy. Hope you are doing
                                            well.Stay blessed,Shannon

                                            • At 2014.09.24 15:05, Mishmawshandotherthings said:

                                              We are all doing well. Working on a new blog post today, its not this
                                              recipe though. I have no idea why your comment went to spam I will see if
                                              there is anything on my end to unspam it if I can. Thank you for watching
                                              Shan. Heather

                                              • At 2014.09.24 15:31, Mishmawshandotherthings said:

                                                Sure I can its funny because I make lasagna all the time but never done a
                                                video and I dont think I have put a recipe of it on my blog. When I make
                                                some homemade sauce I will make some lasagna maybe in a month or so. Thank
                                                you for watching. Heather

                                                • At 2014.09.24 15:43, Mishmawshandotherthings said:

                                                  Hi Victoria, thank you so much for reminding me. I am so behind on my blog
                                                  this summer we have been so busy with the kids it would make your head
                                                  spin. I am going to be working on my blog next week so I will slowly but
                                                  surely have this recipe on there as well. The kids go back to school next
                                                  week so that will give me time to catch up on my blog. Thank you. Heather

                                                  • At 2014.09.24 16:13, Mishmawshandotherthings said:

                                                    I know I dont, I just wanted to make clear what I was doing because I have
                                                    a lot of first time cooks watch me and that was my way of answering that
                                                    question for someone in case they were wondering. Thank you for stopping
                                                    by. Heather

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