Chicken Enchiladas

My quick and easy Chicken Enchilada recipe, with refried beans and avocados.


  • At 2014.08.30 12:29, curmudgeon66 said:

    He must have been cooking again.?

    • At 2014.08.30 13:06, LittleGasthaus said:

      Man I like Mexican, I can only buy online. Your ingredients I can not get
      at the grocery store here. Too bad I have to wait for my next U.S. trip?

      • At 2014.08.30 13:43, Willows Garden said:

        Looks fantastic and easy to make, what a good meal fast, thanks for

        • At 2014.08.30 14:32, Juanelo1946 said:

          curmudgeon, chicken enchiladas were on my list of videos to do, but you
          beat me to it! LOL! I actually like yours a lot because they’re simple and
          rich with the cream cheese. They look succulent! The finished dish is
          magnificent my friend! By the way, I read that corn tortillas are much
          preferred in Mexico, but here flour is more popular. I have to use flour
          because they’re the only ones that come low carb. Great job!?

          • At 2014.08.30 15:09, curmudgeon66 said:

            Here is a very simple Chicken Enchilada recipe.?

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