Chicken Enchiladas with Mole

Chicken Enchiladas with Mole

Here I attempt to make chicken enchiladas with mole sauce in the simplest way I could imagine (In Mexico they’re called enmoladas). I used canned chicken and…


  • At 2014.10.04 12:28, Sues quickandeasy said:

    those enchilada’s looked so good! Can you believe I have never had mole? i
    don’t even know what it is but it looks good! a little corn starch added
    when a sauce is to thin will thicken it right up ;)?

    • At 2014.10.04 13:00, micki dumesnil said:

      wow looks really good….Just found your videos and I can’t stop laughing,
      really enjoy them ty?

      • At 2014.10.04 13:40, Amira MexUk said:

        My aunt used to make her mole sauce with some chilli powder, little bit of
        flour, chicken broth, and peanut butter! Also mixed in corn flakes with the
        chicken and of course the broth.?

        • At 2014.10.04 14:24, b0rg9 said:

          Well I did, indeed, make these again this past weekend. And so good, too.
          Even if my revised recipe has but a spirit of your originally-posted meal
          — I’m still using the mole paste which is so essential.

          I used fresh chicken thighs for the meat and brined them for a day in a
          salt, garlic powder, oregano and hot sauce brine. I then cooked them
          covered in the oven (which obviously didn’t yield that tasty, tasty crispy
          chicken skin).

          After that I folded in a few cans of diced green chili, some minced cloves
          of garlic and about a cup of habanero cheddar cheese.

          I used these “authentic hand-made style” yellow corn tortillas. I am
          skeptical if they were actually made with hands — but hey, they could’ve
          been. Wrapped ‘em up, covered them in mole and into the oven covered.
          Uncovered them after a few and threw more cheese on top and done!

          Here are some pics — — another successful
          cooking endeavor and cooking the fresh chicken was really not that much
          extra work.?

          • At 2014.10.04 14:46, Kent Altena said:

            Another awesome video, and I love your creme fresca idea.?

            • At 2014.10.04 15:46, TheWolfePit said:

              You are killing me John! I’ve had mole before but have never made it! I
              MUST do it now, I could literally taste these through the internet!
              FANTASTIC recipe my friend!?

              • At 2014.10.04 16:46, Heith Gagnon said:

                Great job John…This Gringo loves Mexican…Not much besides regular
                restaurants around here and 2 Italian restaurants…I have to go 55 miles
                to hit a Chinese or Mexican restaurant and when were going through there we
                always stop and eat at one of the two…Looked like a great meal
                buddy…Yum Yum…Take care, Gonzo…?

                • At 2014.10.04 16:47, curmudgeon66 said:

                  I must be one of the slower boys, I didn’t see this right away. It sure do
                  look good though.?

                  • At 2014.10.04 17:26, Winkiedoodles said:

                    John, another great, taste-tempting video; thumbs up. Enchiladas are one
                    of our favorite Mexican dishes and you did a great job with the sauces. I
                    said “whoops!” when I saw you put the uncovered dish in the oven, but no
                    big deal. Nice thing about enchiladas is that you can use whatever kind of
                    chicken you prefer whether it is canned or cooked fresh. So, what’s the
                    explanation of the Italian-Mexican connection? 🙂 Keep the kitchen vids
                    coming….your friends, Don & Brenda?

                    • At 2014.10.04 18:00, BigMike315Fishing said:

                      your vids always make me chuckle. looks like a good recipe, i like chicken
                      from a can, makes quick chicken salad, not as good as bbq chicken shedded
                      up but still good and alot faster.?

                      • At 2014.10.04 18:51, rubadux said:

                        When I was a kid I suspected that moles were used to make the “Mole” sauce,
                        because if it said “chicken” or “tuna” on a can or jar, there always was
                        (and had to be) chicken or tuna in it, and what would a kid expect from a
                        jar labeled “Mole”??

                        • At 2014.10.04 19:33, SwampDonkey530 said:

                          A culinary delight for certain John.!! There’s nothing wrong with canned
                          chicken, i love it for sandwiches, i’ve never heard of mole sauce before,
                          is it very spicy? because my ” lifestyle ” suggests that i go easy on the
                          spices. Great recipe my friend..!!?

                          • At 2014.10.04 19:33, keith bettag said:

                            evidence of a real cook here, to know when it is wrong and how to fix it, u
                            demonstrate it here a couple of times guy, well done, this finished product
                            looked mighty good to me, now lets see how good version 2 turns out, im
                            sure it will rock the house, thank u juanelo, looked like a damn tasty meal
                            to me, well done guy, well done?

                            • At 2014.10.04 19:40, Rivet Gardener said:

                              Lovely intro, you did a great job with the graphics! No worries on the
                              jarred mole, we are right there with you on the logic. It tastes great and
                              no need for 2 days prep! Also good deal on the canned chicken too, nothing
                              wrong with that, so don’t fret 🙂 Chicken in a can is great for uses just
                              like you did! Wonderful looking enchiladas….really. Wow with that crema
                              on top made me drool! You did that recipe justice, mi tocayo, gracias por
                              compartirla! Super tasty recipe, and so easy to prepare as well, thank you.?

                              • At 2014.10.04 20:06, Willows Garden said:

                                Another superb dish, thanks for sharing, :)?

                                • At 2014.10.04 20:08, Zoy H. said:

                                  HAHAHAHA, I can’t stop laughing!, I love your videos. Actually the dish you
                                  prepared is called “enchiladas con mole”, they are sooo good! I remember
                                  when my mom made those ones. My mom prepared the mole with some more
                                  peanuts. I don’t know if you used “sweet mole” or “hot mole”, well I like
                                  the last one hehe. I just tried once this recipe with ricotta cheese (you
                                  might know it) and GOD, it was crazy, really tasty!!
                                  Thank you for your (very) funny video. :D?

                                  • At 2014.10.04 20:29, Mike Shaver said:

                                    Looks great to me Juanelo!?

                                    • At 2014.10.04 20:30, hillbilly bob said:

                                      I have never cooked with a whole mole. I only use the molasses. Ha!!
                                      Seriously tho, it looked really good!! ?

                                      • At 2014.10.04 20:45, Dave Teffer said:

                                        Nice! ?

                                        • At 2014.10.04 20:55, bassfisherman143 said:

                                          great video! it’s ironic, i’m having enchiladas tonight for dinner, but
                                          they don’t look quite as good as yours do :)?

                                          • At 2014.10.04 21:39, phac25 said:

                                            next time try some peanut butter in the mole ,awesome video?

                                            • At 2014.10.04 22:31, revolver8shot said:

                                              I have to try this recipe. Outstanding ?

                                              • At 2014.10.04 22:58, TosTinMan said:

                                                Good job, Juanelo! Don’t worry about canned chicken. Easy is good. I’ve
                                                never heard of mole and had to look it up. Looks like they turned out good!?

                                                • At 2014.10.04 23:49, Midwest Fishing Show said:

                                                  Those suckers look great. Need to get some of those wraps and try this one
                                                  I love Mexican food.?

                                                  • At 2014.10.05 00:15, Chef Bourque said:

                                                    It looks good John. Canned chicken has plenty of flavor. I like it. Thanks
                                                    for the finely made video guy. Keep’em coming John. Aieee! ?

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