Camarones con Crema de Jalapeño

Camarones con Crema de Jalapeño
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A Spanish project that I had to do for a class, a recipe for jalapeno poppers. I later added the english for all the none speaking Spanish people. Enjoy! I D…
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  • At 2014.05.15 20:31, Kiwilimon said:

    Aprende a preparar estos Camarones envueltos en Tocino con Crema de
    Jalapeño para una cena gourmet romántica. Camarones con Crema de Jalapeño?

    • At 2014.05.15 20:56, estefano caseres said:
      • At 2014.05.15 21:32, Ana Carrera said:

        Awesome & Entertaining

        • At 2014.05.15 21:50, Imperfectour said:

          great food…. shit song

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