la segunda parte de esta receta riquisima con blazzito!!!!!!

Chiles Rellenos Throwdown

Bobby challenges Mexican restaurateurs to a chiles rellenos throwdown. This video is part of Throwdown with Bobby Flay show hosted by Bobby Flay . SHOW DESCR…


  • At 2015.02.06 08:37, yaay0 said:

    I like the girl on the far left better @ 4:23 lol.

    • At 2015.02.06 09:13, locoranchers said:

      I like Bobbys way of doing it better, we fry them in New Mexico. The only
      time that I have seen them NOT fried was in a grocery store and probably
      made by white people and a mushroom stuffing-WTF is up with that

      • At 2015.02.06 09:19, buddyd007 said:

        he drank the worm hahaha

        • At 2015.02.06 09:54, Christian Hernandez said:

          @bloodprincess800 there, happy now?

          • At 2015.02.06 09:54, wankonbones said:

            balsamic reduction? really? no mames …This guys a joke.

            • At 2015.02.06 10:31, wet timguavass said:

              I take you very seriously beacuse you don’t type in all caps.

              • At 2015.02.06 10:54, love9boy said:

                also called tex-mex

                • At 2015.02.06 11:06, Indiagitana FF said:

                  Despite living in a Latin country I know very little about Mexican food and
                  its flavours. I got curious to taste estos Chiles Rellenos Vegetarianos. Me
                  pareceron muy sabrosos. Viva el Mexicoo! “Beijos do Brasil”:D

                  • At 2015.02.06 11:33, redredroselass said:

                    I love rellenos but not too spicy hot like Flay LOL!

                    • At 2015.02.06 11:57, Marcus Jackson said:

                      What is so significant about cactus in Mexican cuisine? Isn’t tasteless?

                      • At 2015.02.06 12:36, pakomix1 said:

                        Esos son fake chiles rellenos, chiles con salsa catsu para gringos !!!
                        Coman verdadera comida mexicana, no se dejen engañar!

                        • At 2015.02.06 12:42, shlokda said:

                          @1917fatima I don’t think they’re judging to see how mexican it is. They’re
                          judging to see which one tastes better.

                          • At 2015.02.06 13:10, meldizzle6 said:

                            I agree, being mexican myself, there is never anything better than
                            Grandma’s cookin!!

                            • At 2015.02.06 13:39, YadhiraZ said:

                              I love chiles relleno, you can put anything in it like ground pork chorizo.
                              So healthy!

                              • At 2015.02.06 13:50, Duro boyss said:

                                Bobby is full of himself, I don’t like his show

                                • At 2015.02.06 14:30, Criblo456 said:

                                  Mexicans are such food nazis. I live in New Mexico, and have seen the same
                                  dishes made several different ways. Get over yourselves and appreciate that
                                  there is not one way to make a dish, and chefs will always put a spin on
                                  any cuisine.

                                  • At 2015.02.06 14:55, yoonej said:

                                    What this video fails to show you is that these guys are trying to prove to
                                    people that mexican food can be healthy. They didn’t like the backlash
                                    mexican food was getting, oily, greasy and blah blah blah. So they created
                                    a restaurant THEIR WAY. i.e making chiles rellenos without meat and using
                                    the napales instead of meat. Goes to show you don’t always have to have
                                    meat in your food to have flavor. To all the pricks that are complaning
                                    that they aren’t making authentic mexican food is retarded

                                    • At 2015.02.06 15:28, ln4mant said:

                                      I’d love to try both, with an authentic gallon of Pulque of course!

                                      • At 2015.02.06 16:14, redredroselass said:

                                        this is vegetarian—no meat!

                                        • At 2015.02.06 16:39, rapazn said:

                                          Pretty girl at 1:41 guys. Dam so cute

                                          • At 2015.02.06 17:28, Galinia Kwong said:

                                            would it better if rick bayless was a judge?

                                            • At 2015.02.06 17:46, bloodprincess800 said:


                                              • At 2015.02.06 18:04, pablosaucedom said:

                                                Its cheap, and in a lot of cases free, thats why alot of mexicans can
                                                afford it

                                                • At 2015.02.06 18:06, The Martin & Luis Show said:

                                                  @1917fatima You don’t have to be from region to judge good food. That would
                                                  void out Iron Chef, Top Chef…well most food judging shows.

                                                  • At 2015.02.06 18:19, NYCstarlett said:

                                                    I appreciate the visual of the videos, but I would like a recipe so I can
                                                    make it myself. This video is fun to look at but I want to learn how cook
                                                    this dish

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