Bellas mom enchiladas

A quick n easy way to make red chile enchiladas the ” Lazy way” Ingredients; veg.oil, corn tortillas, Las Palmas Enchilada sauce mild, Monterey jack cheese, …


  • At 2013.11.06 06:26, Yolanda Lopez said:

    oops.. i wrote the bottom? comment on accident yea..umm “For 350 eeeeey” …lol sorry that was funny.

    • At 2013.11.06 07:08, Johnny Mazaba said:

      hi .umm i was wondering if you can suggest what size/oz of enchilada sauce? size i should use for 12 tortillas/enchiladas? 🙂

      • At 2013.11.06 08:00, LasPalmasSauces said:

        Glad to see you’re a fan of our Red Enchilada Sauce — this recipe looks like a? lot of fun to make!

        – Your friends at Las Palmas

        • At 2013.11.06 08:37, vieravelcro said:

          @angsantiago3,.. Mom and I call it the lazy way because we didn’t make our red sauce from scratch 🙂 usually we use California chili and chile ancho. :)?

          • At 2013.11.06 08:45, angsantiago3 said:

            What is the non-fast way? to make inchiladas ?

            • At 2013.11.06 09:10, vieravelcro said:

              To helloBB,… 🙂 no worries !! It’s all trial. And error, make sure your flame is at med to? almost high, try using Tongs to take them out the oil OR,… use a wide spatula , gently ease your way underneath your tortilla to take that sucker out 🙂 let me know how that works for u ok 🙂

              • At 2013.11.06 09:29, h3lloBB said:

                Every time I take the tortillas out the oil? they break 🙁

                • At 2013.11.06 09:45, vieravelcro said:

                  Mari,: no problem Hun 🙂 I’m glad that my silly vid could help u, i LOVE cooking and to be honest i make these vids cuz my friends call me from time to time for certain recipes and i get tired of repeating myself haha!!! But no lie it makes me very happy to know that? others watch and actually take my advice 🙂 thank u lovey!!!!!! And please stay tuned and if u have any food requests PLEASE tell me!!!

                  • At 2013.11.06 09:57, Maririnnu said:

                    Muchas gracias!
                    I needed a quick? instruction using las palmas. I’m going to be making enchiladas for the first time for my family, so this was a great help! 🙂

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