Autenticas Enchiladas Potosinas

Teresa cooked some Original Potosinas Enachiladas,some of the sound had some problems but you still can to see how to make.This is real Mexican cooking taugh…

Receta Enchiladas Nicaraguenses

Son muy ricas y faciles de hacer.
Video Rating: 5 / 5


  • At 2014.07.09 20:10, montez292 said:

    Hey donald,my wife if from Mexico San Luis Pot. Are there.please stay there
    you stupid?

    • At 2014.07.09 20:20, Stan Osterhoudt said:

      sound issues here ?

      • At 2014.07.09 21:11, Quinton Yates said:


        • At 2014.07.09 21:39, JL Houston said:

          if you had still been working with that bullshit company, you would be
          missing out on this kind of stuff, and instead been sitting at some dirty
          truck stop in the middle of no where eating 2 for a dollar stale hot dogs?

          • At 2014.07.09 22:31, medley1212 said:

            Great cooking episode and intro but bro I love Mexican foods. Keep’m coming
            and glad to see you back, happy and focused again.. God is Good Bro!!?

            • At 2014.07.09 22:49, samjaksmom said:

              Looks yummy.?

              • At 2014.07.09 22:50, Sophia Lizarraga said:

                Good old home cooking Man I miss that?

                • At 2014.07.09 23:09, subarno rahman said:


                  • At 2014.07.09 23:53, Bob Builder said:

                    looks yummy man ..I thought they were called Empanada tho..?

                    • At 2014.07.10 00:30, 72Chevelle454 said:

                      yum yum?

                      • At 2014.07.10 01:00, Quinton Yates said:

                        Cool video but sound went out?

                        • At 2014.07.10 01:07, TheWiezer said:

                          Looks good, Thanks for the video?

                          • At 2014.07.10 01:43, MrsBittersweetLove said:

                            Glad I found this in English. Too bad the sound goes in and out. The
                            enchiladas look really yummy..Thanks and keep making more cooking vids. ?

                            • At 2014.07.10 01:43, K Irthum said:

                              Looks Yummy, Matt ! Wish they had taste-vison here LOL !?

                              • At 2014.07.10 01:59, Ron4936 said:

                                damnnnnn that looks awesome :)?

                                • At 2014.07.10 02:20, Dolald Ledezma said:

                                  no seas mamón pinshe gringo hablador soy potosino y asi no se hacen asi ke
                                  si no sabes no estes mamando no quemes los platillos típicos?

                                  • At 2014.07.10 02:50, JULISSA MERCADO VAZQUEZ said:

                                    se acaba el video y no vi lo que me interesaba, este señor no quiere que
                                    veamos la receta solo quiere que lo vean a el, muy mal, ?

                                    • At 2014.07.10 03:12, montez292 said:
                                      • At 2014.07.10 03:32, elmerolion said:

                                        Se me olvidaba, la ensalada de repollo tambien lleva limón

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